Legit seller ? casaminers.com

I want to order from casaminers.com and i don’t know if i can trust the seller. They have good reviews on trustpilot, but they all seem false ( all users have just one comment - the one to casaminers.com ) . I would prefer them because they are from UE - no extra import taxes.

   Anyone bought from them ? 



I was cheated. After placing the order and paying the money. Contact broke off. I reported the case to the Police ATTENTION SCAM

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I heard a report someone ordered and got a broken miner. But that’s even worse. Makes me wonder how they ended up on the verified seller list to begin with.

Be careful to this user.

This is a fake review.

This user sends spam links to copy “Metamask” addresses

These are the names - mail he uses :


Please be careful and we thank you for your continuous support.

Casa Miners Team

Yeah right you guys are a terrible


Hello CryptoKnightMiner ,

Casa Miners will soon publish an article detailing the delay due to the Bitmain KA3 batch. This is Casa Miners’ first delay in three years.
( Casa Miners is the first European company in terms of number of customers and transactions since 2020 )

( Important note )
( This gentleman in the video, Mr. Ryan, the silly Jeffrey Dahmer look-alike, in no way represents Casa Miners as a name, brand or information. This clown is the 1% of dissatisfied Casa Miners customers who took the opportunity of our delay in delivering their miner, seeking online popularity by using our name to gain a higher audience.
I appeal to all our colleagues, sellers of Asic Miner, this practice of online defamation in our industry, is arising at a very high speed and out of control. Anyone with bad intentions can threaten and endanger the reputation of an honest company. These people want to get money or media attention. Nobody talks about this except us. Manipulating review platforms, websites, articles, videos, is now a common practice of dangerous users and organisations, which is why we at Casa Miners are working on new solutions to offer everyone a legitimate way to learn about each story, of each seller in a legitimate and transparent way.

Meanwhile, dear fake “Youtubber” you are channelling Casa Miners in your favour to expand your audience and your YouTube channel, using our name, our brand and your completely manipulated, wrong and defamatory information. Obviously all your actions against us will have developments, your violations and misinformation are serious. Also, we have a question for you, if you review a company negatively and promote others like the ones you mentioned in your video do you know what you are doing ? You are defaming a competitor company in order to promote others . This is insane. Do you have interests with other sellers? You bought on their behalf and now you have organised all this to defame Casa Miners ? There is something wrong with what you are doing, but we will find out. Your aim to gain “popularity” through our name and brand, is a criminal way of acting, we know you don’t know the laws you are breaking and have broken so far, but you will soon know them. Any action will be punished. There are also many correlations with you and completely scam mining blog sites that demand money and subscriptions to remove defamatory articles about companies , obviously fake. Finally Ryan, you will achieve nothing in your life this way, you exploit the hard work of others to make a profit. You are definitely a despicable man of no worth. Shame on you for all this.

( We will never add any more retorts to this wretched man )

  • Casa Miners is an international company with a worldwide customer history, with information available to anyone.
  • But who is this man? What does he do? Nobody knows. Nobody knows you. You may have acted for a third party, you may have planned your bad intentions, only you can know. We are International, you a little man with bad intentions.

See you soon Clown.

Dear Casa Miners,

It has nothing to do with delays at this point and everything with the lies and deception of your company. The evidence is clear from the video, which shows the changing of names on Trustpilot and the multiple emails promising shipment on certain days but never happened.

I would like to clarify that the person in the video is Chris, not Rico Bamba, who first contacted me. I replied to Rico’s comment and asked him to email me, but someone else contacted me instead and wanted to message on WhatsApp. I know that is a scam and it was not Rico. Chris in the video on the other hand emailed me later on the day our miner shipped out. Now you guys are insulting this man. One of your customers by saying he’s a Jeffrey Dahmer look alike. Just add this to the list of reasons why you should not be dealing with this company. All this is truth.

I have Chris’s actual phone number, not a scam WhatsApp number. He can provide further evidence I’m sure that he had an order from your company at the same time as me. Also want to add that the other negative reviews on Trustpilot are real and legit and I am not affiliated with any other company. You guys continue to lack one thing proof. My video has all the proof to backup all my claims.

Also where’s the free KD Lite as promised not surprised just thankful I finally received my KA3.

Since the video was removed for some reason I’m putting it back up. Casa Miners response to the video got to stay up so the video should be able to as well.

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We remind all users that this person in no way represents Casa Miners. This person creates defamatory, offensive content such as videos and articles that are completely false and lying. This person threatens to create defamatory content in exchange for ransom, it is one of the most common practices in 2023, but we will not allow this. All of this person’s actions will be reported to international supervisory authorities, and above all, the illegal use of the name Casa Miners will be punished. Any person involved with this person will be held responsible.


Thank you all.

Casa Miners

Please provide evidence of your claims of me threatening you guys that I’m going to make defamatory content if I do not get some type of ransom from you guys. Once again you guys are all talk and have no proof to back up y’all’s claim. My video has solid evidence of everything I claim.

All I have to say Casa Miners Review: Is casaminers.com a scam? - MWD

is that @Smokey024 i see back on voskcointalk?

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Lol I’m here just not active as much here li come in here for the @live4soccer7 updates

Those really are the best

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Thanks all! Doing my best to contribute. I should have some more updates later this week as I work through a couple things.


@Smokey024 thank you for your post I have been sick of mostly seeing @CryptoKnightMiner who seems to have the sole objective of attacking CasaMiner and @CasaMiners constant defending against him at this point and neither seeming all that credible. I have mostly been interested in how things turn out for those who seem to be here with genuine concerns over an order they have made or are considering making.

If you went through the experience I went through you would feel exactly the same way. I want people to know the truth about this company and not go through what I’ve gone through. Before you judge watch the video for yourself. This is totally a genuine concern over someone looking to order from this company. Please watch the video and it has solid evidence backing up all my claims.

Yea did just quick google search and to many red flags came up I would stick away

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I successfully recieved my order from them. It appears Casa Miners is a legit miner re-seller but their response time for emails is pretty bad. Be ready to wait anywhere between 1-3 weeks per email you send to get a response.

Each miner enthusiast must do their own research and find who the best company is based off of their needs.