VoskCoin does not recommend, endorse, and was never partnered with CasaMiners.com

VoskCoin does not recommend, endorse, and was never partnered with Casa Miners.

Casa Miners is not a new operation, they have been around for several years, and reached out to us back in 2021, when I dug into the www.casaminers.com domain, I discovered it was registered in June of 2021. In 2023 I set out to review additional ASIC miner resellers, so we worked with Casa miners on a miner review, they also set up an affiliate account for us and a discount code. In our initial dealings, we had a good experience, the communication was fine, and the miner worked, it was a Bitmain Antminer L7. It seems in particular these Bitmain Antminer KA3 orders really jammed them and several customers up.

Personally, I have been disappointed with their customer service, especially because we put our community members first. I hope they start to focus more on reaching resolutions instead of pointing fingers and attacking their customers. Casa Miners are not outright scammers, but the way they have treated us and several community members is just not satisfactory.

Also for anyone wondering, although we did set up an affiliate account with them, we have never been paid, but we did receive a miner as compensation instead of charging them a sponsor fee.

Here are several threads from VoskCoin subscribers on VoskCoinTalk

I am not here to condemn CasaMiners, if you have a good experience, share it here, if you have a bad experience, I also encourage you to share it here. Casa Miners will either succeed or fail over time, based entirely on their customer support, as all businesses do.

VoskCoin has never been “partnered” with Casa Miners nor did we ever agree to anything remotely along those lines, we have asked Lorenzo Flaminio at Casa Miners numerous times to remove this off of his website, which CasaMiners put up without our approval or even knowledge of it.


Its really sad, becuase they could fix ALL of this with faster communications. Everyone’s story of them starts with “I messaged them and they never replied” or, “shipping was delayed and they never sent an Email telling me why or when it would ship.”


They still have your symbol with official partner written under it on their site

@Budgetminer you are 100% correct. I don’t get it at all. Simple replies to customer’s questions would avoid most of these bad experiences.

@CryptoKnightMiner really?! Wow some nerve they have

At this point y would they take it down it great exposer have vosk name on page. That’s y you never mentioned a international company I don’t care what one if it’s not from USA don’t mention. Other countries are not held accountable so in end have fun trying to get them to take down

I have asked them to remove it, again, and I am waiting on Lorenzo @ Casa Miners reply that I can share his screenshot but basically, he said he would not interact with our community on our forum (anymore?). He said that users need to contact Casa Miners through their contact form.


VoskCoin has never been “partnered” with Casa Miners nor did we ever agree to anything remotely along those lines, we have asked Lorenzo Flaminio at Casa Miners numerous times to remove this off of his website, which CasaMiners put up without our approval or even knowledge of it.

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@VoskCoin they’ll probably kick it into plan B real quick and start accusing you of being an extortionist and blackmailer (is this even a word? Lol)

These guys are pathetic and run a really crappy company.

Of course they’ll choose to not respond here, at this point they are tired of getting roasted by the people that see the low quality of company @CasaMiners truly is.

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Wow they took official partner off and left your symbol. I feel like this is very misleading still. People will see voskcoin and think they will have a good experience with this company and it’s not going to be.

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Just so you know this has been a problem since 2021 was brought up in vosk discord just nobody lessoned or caught it back then

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No surprise here, at this point they are very predictable.

Casa Weasels

Surprised they are still shipping miners out, at this rate I would not be surprised if people start getting scammed if their business starts to have hard times

Hey @Mr_Ohhhh
Good morning. Look at the price of KA3…Do you still want your two KA3 miners? Or did you suddenly change your idea and no longer want to return L7 and D9 ?
We are very curious to know. Have a nice day

At this point he probably still wants a refund.

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I’ve tried to stay out of this but this is ridiculous. The market price changes 6 months later and you all of a sudden you think you look like the good guy. Yes at this point you’ve given him more than what the current value of 2 ka3s are by like $2,000. However, you still screwed him over for months and didn’t follow through on your commitment to him as your customer. That’s what pisses me off the most about this whole situation.


Honestly it’s near impossible to verify private chats so I dont pay too much attention to it but F me dead you respond to people like a 2 year old on the forum. Not to mention you didnt respond to any of the public comments from 2 weeks ago, but as soon as it suits you (with the KA3 value dropping) then look who’s back! I would never do business with you simply because of how you act in public, which is sad because I’m sure at one point you were once an excited entrepreneur and now you didnt just shoot yourself in the foot, you blew off both your feet with a 12 gauge.


Are you all sure of what you are saying guys?

We at Casa Miners alerted this user two months in advance, we knew this would happen. The pictures speak for themselves.

We are currently the only company that speaks and explains publicly, I haven’t seen any other company do that so far. VoskCoinTalk is an important place of discussion for everyone.

This image confirms that we at Casa Miners have done and always do a great job with our clients, we anticipated this event two months ago and informed our client that it would happen.

it is easy to blame for a delay, it is more difficult to understand the work we do every day, which is also made up of the analysis of miners, coins, the difficulty of calculations and future new Asic releases, as a company we have contacts all over the world and we always try to be at the forefront. This has made the difference for us over all these years, with hundreds of customers. We accept the complaint for a delay, but not for anything else.

Kind regards

We have updated the description of that video to include a link out to this thread as well. Viewers and potential customers deserve to know the whole story.


Yes, I am sure I know what I’m saying.

You are not the only company that speaks out publicly. I do constantly. And I know for a fact I am not the only one. Congratulation you predicted the price would go down. I was working with another company and Bitmain to determine how much the price should go down.

No one is blaming you for the delay. They happen all the time and need to be managed carefully which is where you failed miserably. And on top of that you ripped off Vosk by calling them an official partner on your website without their permission. There’s no justification for any of this. Period.


Hello @badgerlandcrypto

We do not know your website or your Asic company, but we are sure that you operate and work in the best possible way. We have cooperated with VoskCoin and sent miners to review them on its YouTube channel, we have the right to report the content to our users, the only mistake that was pointed out to us by Vosk was to put the words: ‘Partner’ in the logo, nothing else.

You sent A SINGLE miner. I did the same. But in no way do I feel that gives me the right to put their logo on my website to imply that we have any business relationship besides that single interaction.