Read this first before considering buying from Casa Miners!

Casa Miners takes forever to fulfill orders! Took 6 months to finally send out my miners. Bought 2 KA3’s back in early October.

I understand Bitmain had some setbacks with getting these miners out on time. So I was patient. Finally decided to reach out in March. The first email I got from Casa Miner was to let me know they would not be able to send out my miners and would give me a full refund. A few weeks after the refund email they offered me 2 L7’s instead. After going back and forth for a bit, I decided I wanted a full refund.

Casa Miners is EXTREMELY slow at responding to emails. They do not have a phone number. They do not have a telegram or some sort of messaging system for questions/concerns besides email. They do not appear to have a physical address either. So when they stop responding to emails and change things up on you, it starts getting scary because you think your money might just be gone. The question of whether I was scammed starts popping up. Only thing that kept me calm was knowing Vosk was an affiliate.

After about 3 weeks of complete email silence and a total wait time of 6 months, I suddenly received a notification with a tracking number showing my miners were finally on their way!

I am NEVER buying from Casa Miners again. I rather spend a bit more with another reseller that has a good reputation of keeping their word and having good communication.

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Hi Mr_Ohhh ,

Your feedback is very important to us.
Casa Miners since 2020 is the best European seller of Asic, with a long list of customers worldwide. In the batch of KA3 , for the first time we had delays in the delivery of miners, it never happened before. Casa Miners, like all other companies, works with third parties and supply chains to source all available Asics and sometimes, as written in the terms and conditions of service, there can be delays beyond our control. Your review, which is very important to us, contains an error. The KA3 batch was released in February, that’s just over ninety days to date, not six months. To conclude , Casa Miners , has promised gift miners for this unfortunate situation and to thank you for the waiting time. Feel free to choose any other seller, we will continue to do our job to the highest standard, as always. Even the biggest company in the world can be delayed for one time, it happens to everyone. We are not robots, we are human. A single incident, a delay, does not compromise the trust and commitment of a company, which works every day to offer the best possible service, always.

We hope to see you again in the future, you can count on us for anything.

Kind Regards

Thank you for responding. I understand the delays, however my issue is the lack of communication. When you do not communicate with the customer and do not respond to us in a timely manner, we start to get nervous, upset, and very anxious…especially when we have forked over thousands of dollars.

Like I previously said, I completely understand the delays. But why not just send mass emails to all of the KA3 miner customers to let them know? Print Crypto would send updates when I bought L7’s from them. This is a very easy and extremely important practice to keep customers happy/calm. They also offer phone calls if further more in depth explanations or concerns or needed to be addressed.

I came across many other customers that were also worried about their miners since you guys did not respond to email inquiries. People felt left out in the dark. Many others worried they might have gotten scammed. When customers have to flock to the internet to look for answers, help, or ask other casa miner customers for help, there’s a problem.

I personally almost started exploring the legal Avenue to seek compensation for a full refund. Thankfully it did not have to reach that point as my miners have now arrived.

On my tracking information for my KA3 miners, there is no free miner. Do you guys usually send that after? When should I expect it?

I embrace solutions. I like to give credit where credit is due. If your communications practices with customers changes, if you guys improve response time, give updates every so often to keep customers in the loop, and create more efficient avenues so that customers can reach out (other than an email) I will gladly change my review of you guys. I will even recommend Casa Miners if substantial improvement is made.

Unfortunately this purchase has left an unpleasant experience for me. I am open to work with you guys to make this right for me and everyone else who has had a similar experience from purchasing miners from Casa Miners.

Hi Mr_Ohhh ,

Your opinion is very important to us and to our company. We work to the highest standards, we talk and deal with customers in person, with all our staff, we assist them 365 days a year. We do not use autoresponders and do not send promotional e-mails that can be used and copied by anyone for the purpose of obtaining sensitive data and information. We look forward to seeing you in the future and are sure to offer you the best possible service.

Thank you for your words and your important opinion.

See you soon

Kind Regards

I have not received any information about the free miner. When should I expect this? What should I expect? Is it one free miner per miner that I ordered? I have received zero information besides a promise of a free miner. Please let me know, thank you.

There is no mention of a free miner in this entire thread outside of you asking when you will get it and CasaMiners’ post is stating they don’t do promotional emails so I am curious where you get the impression you will receive a free miner?

“To conclude , Casa Miners , has promised gift miners for this unfortunate situation and to thank you for the waiting time.” free miner suggested. Also suggested in another thread.

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Thanks hard to find details sometimes definitely a curious case here to see how it unfolds.


Yeah I’m sure if casa miners hook you up with a free KS3 then all will be forgiven :joy:


I like where this is going. Casaminer, the ball is in your court. I mean, I know I can’t speak for Mr. Ohhhhh, but I’m absolutely positive a KS3 will solve this. lol


@ShredZ i like your thinking!

@PirateSeulb yes they don’t actively promote a free miner, but they have told me numerous times I would be receiving one because of the delays in my original order

Sending a free KS3 would probably help their sales. YouTube would be all over it. “Casa Miner sends free KS3 to unhappy customer”

Wow, that video would go viral and probably increase Casa Miner sales big time. I’ll even let @VoskCoin test and review it.

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I’m going to guess It’s not going to be a ks3. Probbably like a minidoge II. Would be pretty bad business to give out a free 50k+ or whatever its gonna be, miner.

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A small miner was promised like a KD lite that’s not even profitable at the moment

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The best title would be :

“Unhappy customers give their KS3 to Mining company as a good wish for faster future shipments”.
The CEO: “Our customers are the best”.

( He jokes )

Dear Mr__oohh, your free miner will arrive soon don’t worry.

See you soon guys.

Casa Miners

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@CasaMiners sending a KS3 as the free miner would be a bold move. Really great free advertising as well as @VoskCoin would review it and shout out casa miners. Just saying lol.

Ok sounds good thank you


casa miners ended up sending me an L7 (9050) and a D9 instead of the KA3’s. Smfh. It had been discussed about sending out an L7 “best model” and a D9 instead of the KA3’s. However casa miners never confirmed if this was possible, so I told them I’d prefer a full refund instead. Weeks later they decided to just send the L7 and D9 even after I’m sure they read I didn’t want these substitutes anymore.

These f’in guys are shady and extremely crappy. Such a weasel move.

Let’s see if they send me what I originally paid for.


Look at this, they even put that I was getting the KA3’s. Smh

ROFL really they gave u l7 d9 instead well that’s not even 14k worth of ASICS