Casa Miners no reply after payment received


Recently “bought” my second miner from Casa Miners but all I got was the automated mail that it will be sent in 5-10 days.
They have received payment on the 14th of April. It’s coming close to a month where I have sent them many mails, including using the form on their site but have gotten no reply and the shipping status was not updated.

Order status

Could someone please help with this issue?

Thank you


Do business with reliable distributor, sometimes low price equals scam

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They advertise themselves as partnered with Vosk so I wouldn’t sweat it too much. I know he wouldn’t attach his name to something that wasn’t legit. Please keep us updated on this situation.


No legitimate seller is going to make you wait almost a month for a miner that is available for sale. There are possibilities that it could get delayed, but they will communicate with you at least couple days throughout the week. This doesn’t sound too good, but i hope it works out for you

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Hi Guys,

Thank you for your feedback.
We have received more information about the user “UzY3L”. Your order is regularly on its way for delivery.

Thank you all

Casa Miners Team

Hi UzY3L,

You have already been a customer of ours, and we hope that you have always received excellent service from Casa Miners over the years.
Please share your experience with us whenever you like.

Kind Regards

See you soon

I placed an order with Casa Miners back in October. Barely getting mine this month! At the end of everything it would have been about a 6 month wait. They are extremely slow at responding to emails. I sent them lots of emails before they respond. I’d say their response time is around 2-4 weeks.

Their lack of communication and response time definitely gives it a scammer sort of vibe. But they do appear to be legit. They will eventually send out your miner, might be a lot longer than what they promise/advertise. Just be aware that they will take a long time to respond to emails.

Hope they send your miner out soon. Not sure if they are slow to receive stock, mine them for a long time for themselves before shipping or if they don’t have the manpower to process all of the orders but most likely you’ll get your eventually

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I will also NEVER buy from them again. Print Crypto, AKMiner, Miner Bros, BT miners, and others ones are better. I know Print Crypto is US based. They respond fast and are very professional. AK miners have a telegram where they respond pretty quick too

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Hi Mr_Ohhh ,

Feel free to choose any other seller, we will continue to do our job to the highest standard, as always. The KA3 batch was released in February, to date it is just over ninety days old. We are sorry for your delay, but Casa Miners policy is to give prizes and free miners if the miner is delivered late, no other seller does this, but it is our thanks for your patience. We work every day to be the best, a delay does not compromise a company’s trust.

We hope to see you again in the future, you can count on us for anything.

Kind Regards

Sorry for the late reply, work has been hectic and I received no notifications on this thread.
The miner has been received and is working, though I had selected from the website that it be shipped via UPS and it arrived with DHL.

Order placed and money transfered urgently on the 14th of April. Miner was received yesterday on the 17th of May. That’s 34days, 33 of which I received no other notification than the standard email confirmation.
Not only that, I was gaslit with the following:

" On Mon, May 8, 2023 at 2:54 PM Casa Miners <> wrote:

Hi Ovidiu ,

You should have received our confirmation e-mail.

Your miner will leave within 72 hours and you will receive a shipment number.

If you need us, we are here.

Kind Regards "

  1. Yes, I did receive your confirmation email. Which is automated. And have gotten no reply when asking for a tracking number or an update when the 5-7days stated on the website, passed.
  2. I did need you and you were not there. No one was.
  3. No “sorry your order is taking longer than usual to process”, no “sorry for not replying, please wait a bit more as we are understaffed/swamped/over capacity etc.”, no nothing, leaving me to speculate.

Unfortunately, my story seems to mirror similar account of dealing with CasaMiners, as in: I have let them know that if I receive no update on the status of my order, I will be contacting the police for fraud(after which I got the reply above).
While it might seem extreme, bear in mind:

  1. I have sent many email with no reply from their end.
  2. I only got a reply on the day that I let them know I will be contacting the police.

As a customer, I have zero knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes or what the process was that led to this situation. The only information I had right up until a couple of days ago was that I sent the money somewhere and then I was ghosted.
While I can understand that running such a big logistical operation might be overwhelming, it’s not about what you want people to think, it’s what you do that tells them all they need to know about you.

The other issues include:
-While CasaMiners are based in Italy, all orders are processed and shipped from China
-Because orders are shipped from China, the delivery and customs process is the same. Price fluctuation or a voucher might be the only reason to go for CasaMiners instead of Antminer Distribution, a lesson which I have learned the hard way.
There is also MillionMiner but that’s another thread entirely as their modus operandi is similar to CasaMiner’s, just with a touch more communication.

@Jack_Cai : I’m new at this, did as much research as I could and took a bank loan. Money was sent via bank-transfer to an EU based company. While risk was low, it was never zero and in case I would’ve received nothing, I had options of(eventually) getting the money back.
@CryptoFreak : True and yet they need to work alot on customer service and communication, to avoid situations like these
@cryptominernv : Eventually, got the miner. But man, has it been a ride. Thank you for your wishes.
@Mr_Ohhhh : While that might be the case, it is not ok to wait that long and in my situation, I cannot wait that long since I took a bank loan to fund this investment(yes, classic rookie mistake but I gotta start somewhere) and the installments for the loan must be covered by the miners. If I didn’t receive the second miner, covering those would’ve been impossible and so would’ve making a profit.

And finally, @CasaMiners : I did my best to provide constructive feedback given the situation. If there’s one keypoint to remember from this is: communication.
Threads like this one will be a thing of the past if you would just talk to your customers, like: “Hey, your order is taking longer than usual, sorry. We are just swamped. Please wait a little while longer” and/or simply replying to their messages goes a long way in establishing trust and having repeat customers vs. hit&run customers.
While on paper, your “get free miner” policy might sound good, double of zero miners is still zero miners, when a customer paid for at least one. I’d suggest ditching it and focusing on improving customer support and communication.

Thank you all for your time and for your messages. Hope this thread helps future buyers and I hope CasaMiners will get better at this. As it stands, if I recover financially from this, I won’t be a repeat customer. Cheers!

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Hi, @CryptoKnightMiner : What worked for me was sending the money via bank transfer. That way, I had some protection or some leverage to get my money back. Thank you for taking the time to make this, I learned some things I didn’t know such as the TrustPilot mechanichs.

It is unfortunate whatever it is they are doing over there at CasaMiners but I don’t see a future for them. I hope I’m wrong. Cheers!

Hello @UzY3L ,


We will very soon publish an illustrative video explaining how easy it is to manipulate this information. The content you have viewed was created by a young man who has improvised himself as a ‘Youtubber’ using our name. He is the prime suspect in a series of serious actions against us and others.

Kind Regards

Casa Miners Team

CasaMiners, I think you have mistaken the intention of this video. They are not posing as you or pretending to be you in any way. They are merely taking about their own personal experiences with buying products from you. It seems to be the consensus among people that buy from you, that you are horrible at communication with your customers. A simple understanding of that and responding to messages in a timely manner would fix the possibility of future negative reviews.


Casa Miners please provide evidence of your claims against me. I in no way shape or form manipulated any types of reviews or anything on any site. This is all an attempt to cover up your company’s bad reputation. Other forums here on Voskcointalk you have accused me of threatening to post videos and make bad reviews to get some type of compensation from you guys. If that is true please provide the proof of this. You should have emails from me demanding ransom considering that’s the only form of communication you guys have. I laugh at the fact you guys say serious actions against you and others. You guys are out of yalls minds. At this point you guys are defaming me and my youtube channel with the lies. I’m glad there are people on here that can see through them.

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Appreciate you sharing your experience, good or bad it’s helpful for me and everyone else to know.