List of Scam websites

Do not Place order or browse through sites shown through Google Ads they are 100% scams

Always do your Due Diligence, and if it is too good to be true! Prob scam then…

Verified Scam websites


hey MRV let’s work together to add some of the more recent scam sites to this list! Because sadly… the list grows daily

example – here’s another scam


These two should also get on the list. They lost a small investment.

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Might be quicker to make a list of non-scam websites :smiley:


Anyone had any dealings with these guys? They have the ipollo mini for sale

anyone know if these guys are legit?

Very Sus, Prob Scam

Buyer beware

Possible Scam website; looks very well done and legit.
Informational: It’s a Wordpress website

Looks like a shadow website. USA Hodlers know all about KYC (Know Your Customer; it’s a PITA). Well, we should all also know our retailer/seller/reseller.

  • No contact info (phone, address, email)
  • No name (accountability)
  • URL Domain just created 5/24/2021 and listed as Private

all are red flags

Reply with your experiences at your risk, in case it is a new legit biz.

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Add to the list

I got ripped off for $14,000

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Please add to this list.

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