List of Scam websites

Anything with ‘bros’ sounds like a scam no matter what :joy::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2: cloud mining

Might want to add

It’s been over a week now, and nothing from ALL of my attends to contact " ." I WAS STUPID and paid over $7,000 in BTC via Coinbase for an Antminer. It’s a very well-designed website; they even sends you a receipt with the order number and provides tracking (my order still shows funds not received). Has anyone ordered from this site? If I was scammed, I know my coins are gone, but I want to ensure no one else gets scammed; what recourse do I have. I looked at BBB, FTC, and FBI.

thankgod I didn’t bought from them

Actually crypto miner bros are a legitimate company. Red Panda Miner on YouTube is affiliated with them and has a direct link to them in most of his videos.

Always be careful when typing in the url scammers tend to take a legitimate url and change a single letter or change the .com to a different domain like .shop or .shopping and use that as their site.

Lets look into this. They offer absolutely no contact info. Any retailer that won’t share their information seems really sketchy to me. They also only take payment through cryptocurrency. No credit cards or bank wires.

Ive seen them pretty actively on Reddit and to my (limited) knowledge are well received there - they seem very legit

Their personal names and phone numbers are also listed in the “about me” section. Try filling out their contact form and see if they get back to you