LTC Mining LT6 and Mini-Doges

Anyone here get an LT6 last few drops from Goldshell? I’m currently running 8 Mini-Doges but thinking of selling them and stepping up to an LT6. Antminer L7 (9.5G) would be the ultimate but not in my budget range. I’m mining on Litecoinpool so just getting paid in LTC, no Dogecoin. Anyone else mining with 8 or more Mini Doges?

I have 7 mini doge mining now.

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You would be way better off with l3+ and custom
Firmware than those mini doge for sure

I run my l3s at about 1.25w/mh no dev fee

I think the lt6 is overpriced but it would be nice to have new hardware.

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Are all the mini doge coming with wifi now?

Everyone I’ve purchased in the last month in a half has.

That’s cool. I had a few when they came out. No wifi

I don’t use the wifi I feel more comfortable with the Ethernet cable’s hooked up but so far I’ve only had one issue and I think it was my fault.

Do you hold the ltc doge or convert? I’m thinking of just perpetually running some lt3++s and hope the coins appreciate over time…

Thats my thinking too, i still dont understand the hype with most box miners, if you look at the numbers its awful and probably wont get any better, but as a hobby standpoint and for convenience i agree that it makes total sense for some people…

Id love to have a LT6 too but as long as my L3’s are working i can hardly justify buying one except for efficiency reasons…

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Yea I thought about mini but I got 3 l3 instead which I’m glad not great money maker but there tanks and bought 3 more down line I’m also upgrading to s17 t19 s19 just haven’t pulled trigger just waiting on some other electrical things

I send my litecoin to BlockFi then occasionally swap for usdc which earns 9 percent or Bitcoin which I hold long term

Voskcoin had a referral code for them

May I ask which firmware you use?

Asicfw I came across a version with no developer fee recently will make my l3s effective for a long time

where did you find the AsicFw with no dev fee?

On the L3+ vs mini-doge - from an efficiency and financial aspect it is better to buy an L3+ as the prices are close but a L3 is like 3x the hash power. But for me I needed very low noise and to spread the heat out. So I have 7 box miners of different type - doge, kd, hs, and lb. they are on 3 different floors in different rooms. My house heat barely turns on.

I may get a few L3’s now for my basement though.

TL;DR - for some people noise can be an issue due to space or spouse. Box better for those.

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You’d be surprised with custom firmware the l3 is extremely quiet

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Killing it. LTC is about to blow! They have a privacy project underway, and with ATMS everywhere I need to grab some of these ASAP!

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Where are you getting the L3’s? I have a few mini Doge from Goldshell. I see the L3+ on Newegg…but I am newer at this and trying to avoid scammers. Appreciate any advice!

I don’t have any L3+’s yet but I want to get a few from @Master3004 in the next month. Need to move some funds first.

There was some crazy rant thread going on here about someone owing money for miners. So @Master3004 is legit? How do you complete the transaction? Transfer to his wallet and he sends the product? Sorry…new!