Made 200% in 2 weeks copy trading

Hey all! If you’re like me you want to build up as many different passive income streams as possible and want to find the best opportunities with the least downside risk and most upside potential. This past week I have been trying out copy trading using the Co-vesting feature on PrimeXBT. Feel free to sign up here to receive a 35% deposit bonus for trading : . I am not sponsored by PrimeXBT but I do receive a small percentage when a referral deposits into the site. With that being said, I love a lot of things about PrimeXBT, one of those reasons is that you are able to trade Crypto, Forex, Commodities, Equities and Indices all with BTC and no KYC (You will need VPN if in restricted countries such as the United States). I am amazed at the amount of things you can trade/ invest in using BTC to earn more BTC! I have been longing the NASDAQ and the S&P500 to stack BTC. Here is a picture from their website showing all the available pairs:

Now to the passive income part of PrimeXBT, Co-vesting. Co-vesting is a platform that you can follow proven and back-tested trading strategies for free. When you pull up the Co-vesting page you see all the different strategies ranked by their total profit with the top strategy pulling almost 2000% at the time of uploading this:

. You can choose to create a strategy of your own which if you are profitable others will follow your strategy and you will make a percentage of the profit of your followers. Or you can do what I am doing and follow some of the more promising strategies. I looked for the strategies that have a high profitability and win rate but also a low drawdown. Some of the strategies that I follow are just holding positions (HODL) some are scalping(small profits on a lot of trades) and some are long swing trades(Trades held for a medium term for huge profits). Some of them are automated and are being executed by a trading bot and many of them are an actual human trading. My portfolio is as seen in the screen shot below: . You can see that I have made a total of 16% on all strategies in a week and all of the strategies aren’t losing money. On my most profitable strategy, I earned just about 40%! In one week I made 40% just following someone else’s trades, it amazes me. I’ve only used a small portion of my funds on the platform so far on these strategies to try them out, but after a week and after seeing the past performance of these strategies, I think I am going to ramp up my investments into these passive strategies. Also another positive of copy trading on PrimeXBT is that the payouts are in BTC so I made BTC off of the profitable trades the strategies had and also when BTC went up I made more in USD valuation. I will make update posts and add more details to this thread later but I just had to get this out to you guys as it’s been going so well for me. I’m glad to answer any questions you all have but please be so kind to show your support and gratitude of my post and sign up using my referral link I would really appreciate it:

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Quick update

Hello, promised I would update you all on this so here is my exciting update after one day.

Currently the top strategy has gone up another 200% and is sitting at over 2100% profit! Unreal!

My portfolio

My portfolio has also increased since just one day ago. I am now up almost 18% in total in just over a week, which is 2% more than just yesterday! Pretty exciting stuff.

I will take a peek in a few days, looks interesting

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Awesome, if you have any questions I’ll be here to help!

Thanks to those of you who have used my referral code I appreciate it!

Another update

Hello, back again with a daily update.


Big day for the strategies again today! Another 6% day today. I guess they were scalping some shorts haha!

If you want to check it out for yourself:

Yesterday’s gains

Hello, I forgot to post the results for yesterday, it was another big day!

Overview of results

Another 6% total gain yesterday! The strategies have been having a huge run and I am super happy that these are all denominated in BTC and not USD. This means that the gains are in BTC and when BTC goes up in USD value, I make a ton of money doing this.

If you want to join me with these gains here is the link for a deposit trading bonus on PrimeXBT:

By the way, if you try to use the platform yourself, you should check which strategies are within your risk tolerance and if they suit your investing goals. I chose a mix of conservative and aggressive styles of strategies which so far have gone pretty well but am always open to finding new strategies and even making one of my own in the future! When being a strategy leader, you earn 20% of all profits when your followers withdraw. Of course you only get that 20% cut if you pull a profit :sweat_smile:

Todays update

Back again with an update.

Small gain the past day overall, would be a bigger gain for the day but two of the strategies had a big loss. Still testing out which strategies are the best and most consistent so over time I will cut the bad ones and add to the good ones.

If you want to earn gains with me use the link in the posts above to earn a bonus for depositing into the platform.

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Performance Update

I haven’t updated on the strategies in the past few days, I’ve been busy with work but I am back here to show how they’ve been doing. You may notice that the amount of strategies I follow has changed and that’s because the one’s I just followed are a bit short sighted and are a bit too aggressive for my liking so I took my money out of those and you can see that overall it is still going very well! 40% gains in about 2 weeks, it’s crazy!

If you’d like to do the same, signup with my referral link to get a deposit bonus:

Looks cool, but how can we do this from US. I have a vpn but they ask for a phone number too.

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i used my US phone number and VPN to UK and it works perfect

how did you put the vpn to your phone number?

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VPN is for your IP address

Updated results

Hello! Been busy so I haven’t been able to update but the strategies have been killing it!

The Number 1 strategy made a whopping 100% return just today! I am extremely excited that overall I have made a 100% return on my capital I started with. Can’t imagine what kind of gains I will make over the next few months passively.

If you want to try this out for yourself, use my link to receive a deposit bonus for trading:

Top strategies have no space for new comers. Damn

Can you give me some coins from your refferals. I have none

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I only have one active referral… not much. I dont know why youre asking for something that you didn’t work for.

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I don’t appreciate you trying to take referrals when you clearly have not added any substance to this thread and after I have worked on providing content and transparent updates.

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Today’s update so far

Another HUGE day in the books! Up 20% on the day so far!

Total profit from last 2 weeks is now over 110%! I think I found some of the most steady strategies, give them a try and receive a trading bonus when you deposit BTC: