Made 200% in 2 weeks copy trading

My initial investment differs from each strategy. I have started and ended strategies or the strategies have shut down over the past 2 weeks and I have kept the best performing strategies. The screenshot shows the starting value of each strategy and the current value. I’m glad to answer any other questions.

Ok that makes more sense now.

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i kno that im saying for the process of signing up it ask for your phone number and I have a US phone number and thats not allowed and i dont have a UK number or anything like that.

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It is not necessary to give them a phone number when you sign up. The phone number is voluntary and is for two factor authentication, but you do not need to sign up with a phone number you just need a VPN for your IP address.

Should I worry about anything if I’m using primexbt in the us with a vpn? I actually forgot to turn the vpn on while registering and got a message asking if I was a resident from another country and if I wasn’t I should terminate that account. Anyway I signed up using you’re referral code but haven’t started co-vesting.

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Thanks for using my link I appreciate it! You shouldn’t have to worry if you are using a VPN that shows you are out of United States. I just use London, England for mine.

Today’s Update

Absolutely HUGE day for the strategies today!!!

Almost 100% total gain since my last update. I guess my strategies were in full BTFD mode haha! I am honestly astonished at how much gains I’ve made off of this. You can try for yourself and get a trading bonus when you make a deposit here:

Check out the performance for the top 30 other strategies below:

Pretty crazy day for most of the top strategies! You can literally have someone buy the dip for you while you don’t have to pay attention to the price of Bitcoin.

Trade any market on PrimeXBT:

I have recently tried out the trading on United States indexes like the NASDAQ 100 and it seems like I sniped the bottom! Check out my NASDAQ trade below:

I love how I can trade so many markets and products all on one platform, and you can too.

Hope you all are enjoying these updates, Cheers!

If i was in your position I would create two accounts, since you payed off your 1st initial investment. Its called the old little woman strategy, pay yourself off first off with the gains and play with the House money. So if you make 100% gains you can either sell or diversify 50% and play with either two accounts or bank the money (your choice)

It used to mitigate risk, as the expression goes you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. People on the adrenaline rush forget that what goes up must come down. Anyways congrats.


Thanks for the suggestion! I was thinking of taking off the profits and either starting my own strategy to try and make some extra cash off of my Equity trades that I usually make and have been making good money off of. Another idea I had was to take off the profits and roll some of them into other strategies and the rest into a Stacked Invest crypto portfolio. I will update if I decide to go ahead with any of these!

Hi OGminer I just created an account to thank you !
I’m only 2 days in and already made some profit using your link.

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Awesome, I’m glad it’s going well for you! Don’t worry if the strategies have a bad day or so because in the past there have been good and bad days because no one will have 100% win rate but the wins have been far greater than the losses. Thanks for helping me out with the link I truly appreciate it!

Yeah I saw today is a bit of a stalemate but u can’t have it every day, right ? :slight_smile:.
I joined the telegram group and they are all very helpful if anyone have questions about the system they use. I can’t wait for the new update, when COV Tokens will kill the % fee.

I didn’t make much but it’s a start!

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Yes the new update with COV token is going to be awesome so that we get to take home a bigger chunk of the profit. Overall, I don’t see how this whole Covesting feature and platform doesn’t just keep growing!


Top strategies are in DEEP green today and especially recently as seen below:

My strategies have hit an all time high profit day after day it’s crazy! Check them out below:

Total profit from last 3 weeks is now over 260%! I think I found some of the most steady strategies, give them a try and receive a trading bonus when you deposit BTC:

thanks for the info. Long time youtube watcher of the channel first time poster. I signed up with your link yesterday, hope it worked. already up 28% very good site, utilities are nice and easy to use. Much appreciated!!

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Great to hear! It’s always fun to make money with other people and that’s what I love about this space. If you have any questions feel free to ask in this thread or over DM. Best of luck with the strategies and remember always think long term!

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Thanks, I am really looking into this for the long term and so far it has been very good. I spread out my funds over 4 different options with varying risk level. As I mine more bitcoin I will add more to my portfolio. This platform looks very user friendly and has a lot of features. I am curious about their COV token, I didn’t find much info on it and how it will benefit investors. Other than that the site is very straight forward. Looking forward to your updates on your progress, it seems a lot of new folks jumped in this week as a lot of the offers filled up quickly.

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The COV tokens allow you to keep more of the profits from the strategies. The more COV tokens you hold, the higher percentage of the profit you get to keep.

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This is my portfolio, just joined yesterday. I tried to choose the strategies that did not have big losses of more than 10% in the last month and that have been constantly winning. If everything goes well, I will open another account and refer myself and put the bitcoin that I mine.

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Looks good!