Made 200% in 2 weeks copy trading

you were really lucky! you start following those strategies at the right time. But I wouldn’t recommend to start following the top strategies some of them have a big margin of loss so if you follow when they are at the peak, you easily can loss more than 200% if you don’t set a stop loss in a couple of hours like I show below in the graph

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after all these months using Prime I am here to give my experience again. I mine BTC with nicehash and use covesting and can say I made more money with mining on nicehash than PrimeXBT. I am keeping my $200 USD on Prime but I have mined way more than I made with covesting. I am glad I didn’t put a ton of $$ on the platform, too many on offer may get you 200%-400% quickly but then take you to the negative just as fast. I wouldn’t put a lot of money on this platform unless you want to break the bank to the negative. Good luck.


OgMiner, I looked for the Covesting strategies like Slow But Sure and NO1 but they are no longer listed. Do you know why those traders no longer offer strategies ? Which strategies are you using now ? I think a lot of strategies work at time but market conditions change as does the volatility which complicates matters so maybe some people close out a strategy when maybe they should stop it for a few days or weeks.

We’re trading against big aggressive traders and companies and its like a rabbit trying to cross a 4 lane highway with Ferrari’s and Kenworth trucks coming at us!

You have made some nice decisions my friend, lucky for you started early, I’ve been gaining interest in this for quite a while maybe gaining more interest now.

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