Made 200% in 2 weeks copy trading

you were really lucky! you start following those strategies at the right time. But I wouldn’t recommend to start following the top strategies some of them have a big margin of loss so if you follow when they are at the peak, you easily can loss more than 200% if you don’t set a stop loss in a couple of hours like I show below in the graph

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after all these months using Prime I am here to give my experience again. I mine BTC with nicehash and use covesting and can say I made more money with mining on nicehash than PrimeXBT. I am keeping my $200 USD on Prime but I have mined way more than I made with covesting. I am glad I didn’t put a ton of $$ on the platform, too many on offer may get you 200%-400% quickly but then take you to the negative just as fast. I wouldn’t put a lot of money on this platform unless you want to break the bank to the negative. Good luck.


OgMiner, I looked for the Covesting strategies like Slow But Sure and NO1 but they are no longer listed. Do you know why those traders no longer offer strategies ? Which strategies are you using now ? I think a lot of strategies work at time but market conditions change as does the volatility which complicates matters so maybe some people close out a strategy when maybe they should stop it for a few days or weeks.

We’re trading against big aggressive traders and companies and its like a rabbit trying to cross a 4 lane highway with Ferrari’s and Kenworth trucks coming at us!