Miner Hosting/Facilities

Hi Guys!

I’m looking into mining host facilities and services. I basically either want to purchase the miner from them and have them maintain/host the miner or I want to buy my own and ship it there to be hosted and pay them to host it. Host as in maintain, repair, remote connection and provide electrity/energy.

Looked into Compass and some others but obviously want to make sure to work with a credible vendor. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Would love some suggesstions for non-bitcoin mining host services as well. It looks like many of these guys are selling/hosting Antminer S19J Pros which wouldn’t offer any decent ROI for the price of the miner once hosting services are taken into account, especially since the lifetime of these things last 3-5 years.


Mining Syndicate is a good one they will take up to even 1 ASIC. I’ll get the link

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Has anyone else used mining syndicate successfully?

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I recall reading someone using them on the forum, I have 2 slots reserved myself for deployment this month, I am just waiting on my miners from master3004

I know a few people that have used them. I think they are over priced personally. I pay about $150/mo hosting some s19 miners. The same miner is about $250 /mo with mining syndicate.

I personally like Wattum and Compass better. Compass has the better rates for power.

Does wattum let you bring your own miners?

I think they have in the past, but I am not sure with the current constraints on hosting capacity if they still do.

Thanks for the responses guys! Does anyone know if Compass takes any profits or do you only pay the hosting fee each month?

Anyone know anything about insuring the units? Compass said they’re currently putting together an insurance package, but it’s not available yet.

Do let us know if incase you figure it out. I was looking for cloud mining options but I am not confident about it yet. So if someone really tried it out and had good experience I might be able to able to make a good call on it.

I am not sure about insurance, but the hosting fee is baked into the kwh cost from Compass. So, 6.9c is an all in fee. I get an invoice each month and pay through their website.

I actually fully paid and waited on my Cannon 85TH. Hope all works out. I’m still always worried about being pushed back forever


My searches lead me to vbit (vbitmining). Not cloud based, you own the machine and they sell, ship and or host quickly. Full disclosure, I’m an affiliate and a customer. If you check them out and decide to sign up I’d appreciate using my code 906752. You can even earn hashpower without even owning a machine by becoming an affiliate. I became an affiliate knowing Id have people ask me about it and well… just makes sense. Best of luck no matter which way you go. I have one S19j 100, buying three more soon.

Let us know your findings in a month or so with some earning and fees. I am interested but cannot make the next step as there are so many online scamming websites.

6.9c pre kwh ?? Who was that for?

Compass was 6.9

Hi - What do you mean by 6.9 on the invoice?

Hi - I’ll take a look into it. Thanks! How do your prices compare to Compass?

Heya Michelle hopefully my compass account screenshot will paint ya an idea of the details.

I’ve also purchased and will be hosting with mining syndicate, though on wait for the unit, it’s the L7 unit so it’s the usual L’delay…

Hey so just ask away I’ve gone with both….each have their own advantage. Best is work what site/host works the most with your variables.

For me compass was simple 6 units at a bundle price with an amazing electric cost, Most hands down purchase of my life. It’s set, solid for four years or more if as long all goes well.