Mining at Home with a Goldshell LB1! Review & Tutorial

I am mining at cryptocurrencies at home earning passive income and one of the mining rigs I am using is a Goldshell LB1. This mini mining rig is one of the best and most profitable mining rigs for residential miners! Review the BEST Helium miners to buy - What is the BEST Helium Hotspot Miner to Buy? | by VoskCoin | VoskCoin | Apr, 2021 | Medium

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There is no better feeling than minting your own digital currencies, and that is exactly what crypto mining is, and if you can decentralize blockchains by mining right out of your own home with mining rigs that don’t use a lot of power, don’t make a lot of noise, and don’t produce a lot of heat then you’ve got some of the best mining rig designs! Goldshell recently launched their Goldshell LB1 and we even collaborated with them to release the Goldshell LB1 x VoskCoin edition but this simply a video review on one of the best mining rigs you can buy and the most profitable miners as far as mining efficiency goes! Let’s review the Goldshell LB1 and how to set up the Goldshell Lb1 for maximum mining profitability!

Watch the Goldshell x VoskCoin mini mining rig review!

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Buy the Goldshell LB1 x VoskCoin edition miner - Goldshell LB1 x VoskCoin Mini Miner! | by VoskCoin | VoskCoin | May, 2021 | Medium

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00:00 Goldshell LB1 Miner Review
03:03 LB1 power consumption & mining hashrate
04:49 Goldshell LB1 setup tutorial guide
07:15 Best mining pool for mining the LBC token
09:45 Kava & Hard Protocol
11:28 How to mine BTC or USDT with any mining rig
12:43 Future of the LBC token
13:28 How and where to buy the Goldshell LB1
14:53 Goldshell LB1 mining profitability
15:50 VoskCoin Goldshell LB1 review

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Goldshell Lb1 review and mining setup guide tutorial


Can I still buy one of these?

@VoskCoin is there a troubleshooting video somewhere for when the HS1 Plus and LB1 are not recognized by the laptop or network? Both appear to be connected and working mechanically. Just won’t show up in the miner or network devices. I’m stumped and no one seems to have the answer. Please help; I now have 3 miners I can’t mine with. The MXC M2 Pro I just received is also not connecting to the supernode and has something to do with device not being recognized on the network. However, my Antminer L3+ has been running fine for over a week.