Mining is nearly dead

What are people doing these days besides spending money on energy cost to earn little pay? Lol

My, how things have change in the world of mining. Returns on investments are a joke :rofl:

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It just becomes more industrialized year over year, people like you make these comments every bear market, sounds like you’re just trying to convince yourself it was good to exit mining or something. What is a better ROI investment then?


Mining is not for the profits, but to decentralize the hashrate.

And when you look at ROI you’ll never make your money back.


If you want to continuously “earn more than you burn” then you should look at investing more into your electrical infrastructure to generate electricity at peanuts rates. Some people drive miners around to natural gas flares and run miners off grid. I’ve seen Upstream data and Musk miners do this.

This is how it will always be as vosk mentioned above it’s become industrialised, more and more people are investing to generate cheap energy which allows them to deploy more miners in the worst conditions. And if you read through the forum you’ll find some of us here sharing ideas and adapting to the worst conditions to survive the bear market so we can thrive in the bull run.


If you can use the “waste heat” to replace something that you already use (home heat or water heater) then you greatly increase your profits….

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If you’re just looking to make a quick buck. You are in the wrong business @RetroParc


I’ve probably been mining before you even understood the concept of crypto. If there’s no profit involved then there’s no point in investing. I don’t mine out of the kindness of my heart. Why buy equipment at such a high cost when you’ll never get that money back? There’s supporting decentralization and then there’s just being foolish. Reasonable ROI’s have been virtually nonexistent for the past 2 years. I’ve never met a miner who based his decisions on other factors, excluding money. Get you head out of the sand, boy. SMH

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Common business strategies revolve around making your money back with one year’s time. Unless you get free electricity, the average cost of an ASIC is gonna provide 4-5 year ROI, based on current values. It’s simple math. Just the facts. And it’s been like this for sometime now. Can you honestly say without any biased that this concept will charge for the better within the next few years? And when I say better I mean someone pulling an ROI within one year while paying the average electricity rate. In the end, the PRIMARY reason to mine is to make money. Yes, there are other great reasons for such but we all got bills to pay. Don’t get me wrong, I love mining but I call it how it is, even if it hurts me.


I think you may have answered your own question with “based on current values”. I don’t think anyone mining currently is doing it based on current values. We’re accumulating while it’s low and less people are still turned on in anticipation of a return to better days. History indicates better days will return.
With that said - I’m sad that everything I bought from Goldshell is pretty much useless since Bitmain went on to destroy everything in the low cap alts.
I don’t have a clothes driver - but I have 4 KD boxes I turn on to blow hot at the clothes if it’s not a good day to hang clothes on the line.
Rather than run the CK-Boxes or Doge boxes, I just added that power to the S19’s instead as they are marginally profitable currently. Maybe I’ll turn them on again one day.
I just wish that Bitmain would make something small and efficent for a home miner. It surely wouldn’t be so hard to build a box around a single hashboard. If I hadn’t had the low entry cost of the Goldshells I probably would never have started.


Speaking of free power and goldshell i have a mate I met on this forum who gets free power so I moved 4 of my goldshell X5 miners to his place, 2 mine for him and 2 mine for me. Beats them being a bunch of duds :rofl:


I agree that the small scale home mining is dying very quickly due to higher electric costs and the fact large institutional investors have spent billions setting up massive mining farms causing the network difficulty to skyrocket. You can always have a miner hosted at a farm but they take most of the profits…

Again the best thing for a home miner is to take advantage of the mining byproduct… heat! Heat your home, garage, greenhouse, shop, or water…


All that said, home mining may be nearly dead but large scale mining is very much alive and well!

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common business strategies? Okay then why do people rent homes? You don’t see 1 year breakevens on that, or even close… single digit roi % usually

Also there’s no need to speak so rudely here
“I’ve probably been mining before you even understood the concept of crypto.” – listen to yourself.

You say get your head out of the sand, some of us truly believe in crypto beyond just making a buck or it being a straight investment. Ironically, maybe you’re the one with your head in the sand lol


I have still have some ASICS from 2017 that I am still mining with as they use 150 watts and make around $2 a day.

And going on with the extra heat, I have a green house with citrus trees, so I have lemons, oranges, limes, mangos all year round. Even when it’s 10f outside.


When did you start mining? @RetroParc

I guess you don’t understand the concept of crypto mining, as you have made posts like this,

You are here only talking shit.

You only care about ROI.

And you are just in the crypto space for profit. Not the tech. Not the decentralization or the future of it. You are just a greedy investor trying to make a quick buck.

So stop mining, and go back to your smart contracts and meme coins.

And when I started mining in a bear market, I was losing way more money then I was making, but I held those coins, and it payed off. When you try to chase quick bucks, you lose everything.

Creating wealth does not come easy. If it was, everybody would still be here.


I guess you haven’t looked at the charts where we get a bull market a few months to a year after the BTC halving. Here is the date. * Early 2024 (block height 840,000, estimated)* go watch some Sebfintech videos where he talks about strategies in a bear market. I’m surprised you would say that, considering the “facts” are everything goes to the moon in a bull market.


You sound like a clown. Must be hard being you, lmao :rofl:

Do you realize that you are not fooling anyone here with your ignorance.

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@RetroParc that is disrespectful and will not be tolerated.

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