Mining ScPrime (SCP) with Goldshell HS-Box or Handshake ASIC

I know that ScPrime is on the Blake2B algorithm, and I just ordered an HS-Box and was curious if anyone is mining ScPrime before they finish moving to PoS instead of PoW? Is this even an option on the HS-Box?

Any information about the hash rate, power usage, and profitability would be appreciated.

I know it may not the most be profitable right now, but I would be interested in mining some and seeing if the coin rises in the future as it has recently.

A Guide posted by @T7LY below:

  1. Generate an ScPrime Wallet address here:
  2. Set up the following pool:
  3. Enter pool settings into Goldshell HS-Box:

    URL for EU:
    Miner name: WallettAddress.Worker
    Password: Whatever you choose

Reference Links:
ScPrime - CoinMarketCap - ScPrime Value
ScPrime - Consensus Mining - ScPrime Pool
ScPrime - Blake2B | Mining Pools - Available Pools
ScPrime - Mining Calculator (Blake2B) :pick: | minerstat
ScPrime - Article by 420Coupe | Nov, 2021 |

lol. I did the same thing today.

I believe the answer to this is “yes”. I have seen ScPrime mining resources reference the biggest HS* units. All the algo info between the big ones and the HS-BOX align. Worst case, you just mine HNS, but I am definitely going to try this.

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Is this SIA mining (SC)? or SCPrime (SCP) I have been mining SIA (SC) coins only from my HS box and it gives me 95-96 coins a day currently.

Oh nice! I was just happy to get something that was new and from the manufacturer themselves. I couldn’t really find any videos or anything about people mining ScPrime but it seems like there shouldn’t be an issue.

I am able to have the miner at my work since it is quiet enough, so I won’t have to worry about electric costs at least. Let me know when you do start mining it, hopefully it will be PoW long enough for us to make a decent amount lol

Its ScPrime (SCP), it’s on the same algorithm as SIA (SC) but ScPrime isn’t super known so there isn’t much about it as far as peoples experience mining it and their profitability.

I posted some pretty good links about ScPrime though and the info to set it up is the second link “Consensus Mining”, also the minerstat mining calc seems to be accurate enough so it’s not wildly different from the profit of HNS or Sia mining.

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Thank you, will have a look at it. From the looks of it all it needs is a new SCPrime Wallet address and change or port number from 3333 - 3336

Will keep you posted if I see any progress.

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Hello Guys, thanks for the tip I just tried this for fun and it seems to be working.
I have generated my ScPrime address here:
I set up the pool following:
All instructions are on web but you just set in GS HS Box interface following:
URL for EU:
Miner name: WallettAddress.Worker
Password : whatever you choose

I would probably consider to play around with pools cause this one seems to have majority of hashpower.
Miner seems to be hashing just fine, not sure what the profit is etc but it is quite refreshing to have something to play around.
BTW you need to switch algo in miner from HNS to SC but this is two clics job.
You can see jump in Hashpower cause switching from HNS to SC Algo s 2xhash and I think 1/2 Power


Awesome! I’m glad it is working; it will be cool to set this up. I’d be interested to see your 24hr profit.
Another mining pool that seems to support it is Luxor pool, I’m not sure what is the best one though so maybe one of us can try it.

This website says that there are only two pools for ScPrime: ScPrime (SCP) Blake2B | Mining Pools (

ScPrime Luxor Pool Tutorial: How to start mining ScPrime? – Luxor Mining Pool (


Hi Guys, thanks for the TIP. It’s working.

Now I have a question. It’s giving us mSCP coins, I am not sure if they are the same coins as SCP coins. I have contacted them via their contact page but I don’t expect them to answer anytime soon. If someone has any info. Can you let me know.


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Hey Sandeep, I’m glad to see its working for you.

It’s the same thing. It’s how the mining pool shows the currency value. The website says “In February 2020, the ScPrime team decided to alter the definition of 1 SCP by a factor of 1000. As a result, the pool now shows currency values in mSCP (one thousandth of SCP).”

You can read the rest of it here, as well as some other FAQs.
Frequently Asked Questions (


What is related to profit pool is showing 5/15/60 min profit - sample is too small to judge but we can get some rough idea . . .


Aaah, now the calculation makes sense. I was so excited as well as worried at the same time that. After the calculations it’s little bit better than mining SIA coin.

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Almost the same. Cheers. Happy mining.

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Hi Sandeep, what is the current power consumption. Still 130W like with Sia?

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Yes should be around 130W as per GS web since it is running Sia (Blake2B-Sia) algo and Hashrate is around 470 GH/s on this algo.

Are you still seeing the same amount of rewards? This is what I’m seeing:

Correction of wrong data

I see 417 mSCP a day with one HS Box.

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That is a lot more than what I am making. I only make about ~420.5 mSCP a day right now. @Strykyrlw @SandeepKarnati

I was making a lot closer to 1000 mSCP/day but not recently. I think the rewards have fallen recently due to the release of the Goldshell SC-Box and the increased number of miners also increases the difficulty. We could possibly see further decreases in performance the more miners join the pool.

I am just mining SCP while I can until it goes to PoS and I must go back to the other two standard coins the HS-Box can mine.

These are the stats giving by the pool website at the time that I took the screenshot.
SiaMining ScPrime Pool Info:

Let me apologize for misleading information above since I was not paying attention to payout dates I see 1000mSCP but it was not on daily basis sorry.
Yes I am aligned with what you are sharing around 417 mSCP / day / HS box recently

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No worries. At least we are getting about the same performance! :joy: