Mirror Trading for growing BTC (10%/month growth)

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When talking about passive income I have come across a platform that is called Mirror Trading. I have taken a leap of faith on it. What their stake is, is that they have taught an AI agent that continually learns how the market relates and what they do is pool the BTC of all members and then trade BTC. I have seen an average of about 400 buy and sell a day.

This all for the last week has translated in some BTC that accumulated in my wallet. Roughly there is a growth of 0.4-0.5% per day. Below is a statement of my earnings on the account. Now I know that I haven’t had a long run on the system but up until now, it looks like it is heading towards 10% a month. If a slightly longer-term view is taken on this almost investment it can really get nice. I know there is exposure to the BTC price but if there is a slight risk appetite it might be worth the input.

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This is really cool, I can see myself throwing a few hundred buck at it to see what happens.

There is a further portion of the trading club that I haven’t yet seen is what they call binary trading income. This can another bit of profits for your earnings.
Out of a 100% of the trading profits that are made in a day’s trading 40% is given to the investors like me, 30% goes to the trading system FXCHioce, 10% to the company and lastly there is 20% that is left for referral bonuses and binary trading.
Good luck if you give it a shot, I am really holding out that it works but thus far I know of a few people that have been on the platform for more than a year and they have all been really happy.

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what is the name of the mirror trading site you use?


Hope that helps.

I know this might sound opportunistic but if you want to join and you use my referral link it helps me a bit.

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nothing wrong with that bro :slight_smile:

@MeatyMouse I’m curious if you signed up and have seen any results yet?

@EbenJacobs have you tried to withdraw from the platform yet? Just curious if there are stipulations and if it actually works.


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No I think it’s a ponzi scheme lol but I am super skeptical of everything

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Good day.

Yes I have withdrawn to my wallet before. The only thing in terms of balances that are required in the fund is that the fund should have $100 in it to keep the account open. I and a few of my colleagues have all signed up and none of us have run into any issues. I have also scanned through their Ts&Cs and could see anything relating to not being able to withdraw.

I hope that answers your question. Here are my latest statements.



I was also thinking that but what made myself feel that it isn’t is that the bonuses that come through that isn’t directly coming from your own investment is how the pay out. The bonuses that come from what they term Binary and referrals etc is coming from the Pool’s earnings.

Daily Trading profits are divided into 4 sections, in order to ensure the system pays for itself.

  1. Members (investors) - 40% of the daily profit share

  2. The trading system (FXChoice) - 30% of the daily profit share

  3. Binary and referral bonuses - 20% of the daily profit share

  4. MTI admin fees - 10% of the daily profit share


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I signed up today and you make a deposit Friday. Anyone signed up and using Mirror Trading?

Interesting , keep us updated.

Good morning
I saw you joined.

Here is my past few day’s earnings.

Trading Result (0.4965%)
Trading Result (0.4547%)
Trading Result (0.6225%)
Trading Result (0.1708%)
Trading Result (0.5108%)
Trading Result (0.6863%)
Trading Result (0.2214%)
Trading Result (0.1536%)
Trading Result (0.5248%)
Trading Result (0.4462%)

I got them to reply on the question of them being a pyramid /ponzi scheme if you are interested to see their response. Another thing that is giving me comfort is that their total BTC balance that is being traded has gone up by about 2000 BTC in the past month since i have joined in their trading pool. Also they have broken through the 50 000 member mark. That is for me a good sign that the platform is going to stick around especially with this amount of members and they are just growing their profits as well.

I will continue sharing my earnings weekly. But for now if BTC pricing doesn’t do something bad i am really happy. This is my passive income security coming from these uncertain times.

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Yes i am interested in their response on your question

I found a really good article about them I won’t give my opinion but I do recommend checking it out. They break down the math of the system instead of using opinions to call it a scam.

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this url : nigeriabitcoincommunity.com/ makes me feel very worried. I am in the anti spam business and we see a lot of nigerian scam and spam.

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the article was good though they just do math that anyone can verify for their argument and that is what swayed me

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I have added two slides and the conversation train that followed on their Facebook account.

I hope that gives some more information. Like @MeatyMouse said, they break down the math of how the rewards and bonuses work which at least for my mind makes sense.


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Has anyone else tried MTI that can attest to if it’s legit or not?