More UNEXPECTED Crypto Mining Farm Build Updates!

From Starlink internet to running electricity and getting gravel, my cryptocurrency mining farm has a lot to sort out before it’s making me passive income every day! A mining farm at this scale has come with a few unexpected hurdles… Sub!

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Just last week I spoke about how I had to spend close to $20,000 to place gravel on my up-and-coming cryptocurrency mining farm build out. Today we’ll discuss what updates I have on running electricity out to my 100 acres parcel, as well as how I will execute my mining plan as soon as we have electricity installed to power up the mining farm. I plan to hit the ground running and make up for any lost time by generating as much passive income as possible with my cryptocurrency mining gear! But to get there, we still have a few challenges to overcome. For my mining farm to be accessible at all times, and for the electricity to be run, I needed to place over 400 tons of gravel! Now it’s time to facilitate the running of electricity, as well as working with my electric company on how to ensure I get the best rate possible - thus maximizing my mining profitability!

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00:00 VoskCoin Mining farm update
02:28 Why did I design my mining farm like this?
09:01 Getting electricity and internet to my mining farm
13:00 Current uncertainty in the mining ecosystem
14:02 We are getting closer to our goal

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More UNEXPECTED Crypto Mining Farm Build Updates!

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