Most Profitable Staking/Interest

Hey! I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on which projects were most profitable when staked, or if there’s any investment or interest rates that would be able to put my money to work. Roughly $1000, but trying to grow it. Medium to long term (6mo-2yrs.) Thanks! :blush:

Don’t know if it’s most profitable but it’s a start;

Already looked at that. I saw lots of people with small stakes that weren’t making as much, but I’ll keep it in mind.

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Hiya, I wrote a tutorial for ChainX PCX. It’s got ~72% APR no matter the size of your stake :slight_smile:

Staking ChainX PCX - Polkadot Parachain earning 72% APR

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Thanks! (For the advice and tutorial!) I was a bit lost at the math part where you calculated the 72% pa, is that if you compound it daily, or stake it and leave it for a year? (I’ll post this on the original thread too, feel free to answer there as well)

I Answered there to keep the conversation in one place :smile:

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