My First Rig Build AMD RX 5700 XT NVIDIA MIX

thanks bro you are too kind that video sucked lol

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I got my kill a watt today and holy shit I am using way more watts than I thought.


this is my wattage shown by HiveOS

Yea, that’s also been my experience. My system is showing like 300 watts used, but at the wall it’s like 500, lol.

on os showing how much use your gpu not hole rig.same on my show 504watt but on wall is 870watt

your rx5700 have led lights? if you amd gpu have led light you can control also with trixx 6.5 on my rx580 i have sapphire logo so i can change any colour i wanna, rainbow,fallow temp,fan speed or off. also can buy fan upgrade to make fans glow same as logo. i just found today instructions how to control as yesterday i cleen gpu and i see saphhire logo have rgb led strip

The RGB fans I have came with a control hub and you can have up to 10 RGB fans on it as well as two LED strips and all can be controlled with the remote. The fans I have also allow fan speed control through the remote which I noticed was not very common.

im to busy todo something with leds but when i have time i will made my own custom led controller with some effects. btw i can made controller up tp 1000led per controller is means about 20-50 fan :smiley: depends how much led i use for one fan. lets say 10led per 120mm fan i can do 100fan :smiley: and power is around 100-200watt

I would like to see that! lol

I decided to change up some things I am off of Beam as much as I love it it just uses too much electricity compared to Ravencoin and even though I don’t pay for electric I think it isn’t smart to be wasteful either so here is some new info. Also I switched from Monero to Loki and it has made a very big difference in daily earnings. So far it has been around an extra 10-12 cents per day.


i have done custom leds for my cars headlights i will use same method for fans. when i back home i send video how looks lights

how you insert video?

I had to post it on my YouTube channel first then post the link


i have made on my previous 2 cars principle is same to do with fans


found a way better video showing the fans I have

whats the highest difficulty share you have found?

here is mine 40.5 TH on ETC I want to try solo mining on this rig so bad idk what I am waiting for

Nicehash has been very generous lately

this image shows that at one point my payrate spiked all the way up to over $35/day USD for two rigs that should only make $6 per day max unfortunately the average payrate function isn’t working right now but I can tell you it’s probably around $6.50-$7.00 USD per day

I was able to get it to work on another browser

almost a full week on Nicehash it should be around $5.60 USD according to what to mine and my hash power Nicehash has been paying very well lately


I was looking at my Ravencoin rig which has my NVIDIA cards on it a 1050 it and a 970 the 970 uses about twice as much power as the 1050 ti but on Ravencoin it does not get double the hashrate. I have now switched the 970 to BEAM and left the 1050 ti on Ravencoin and this has boosted my earnings by about .25 cents USD per day which is huge because the rig was only making about .50 USD per day to being with.

this is before i made the change

this is after

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look at the hasrate on GPU 2 lol

2,004,862 MH/s hahahaha