My First Rig Build AMD RX 5700 XT NVIDIA MIX

So i got mt first rig built, it was much easier than I expected. The whole rig cost me about $250 and here is what i got.

GTX 1050ti Gigabyte NVIDIA

MSI H81M-E33 only has one expansion slot and its not full size :frowning:

I did also get another video card but it is so much slower than the card i have in now its not worth testing further. Its a GTX 970 Windforce 4 GB

I first tested the cards on ETH and on the 1050ti I got almost 16MH/s and the 970 only got barely 4MH/s. I have now switched over to BEAM using HiveOS and Gminer and I am trying to wait a bit to get enough data to see if I have enough hashing power for it. I am currently getting 12S/s and I cannot get any overclock settings to increase or decrease the hashrate.


My hashrate was 12 sol per second but poolside it was half that because half of my shares were getting rejected. I decided to try and reboot and since then I havent gotten any rejected shares and I have gotten another .5 sol added to my hashrate. I need to remember to try the easy stuff before moving on to more complicated solutions. I am almost scared to try and overclock now I should just take my gain in accepted hashrate and call it a day but that doesn’t sound as fun I need something to play with. I also kinda want to see how my other video card does on BEAM maybe it just didn’t like Ethash.

Wow totally did not expect this! I decided to put to GTX 970 back in the rig in place of the 1050ti to see if it did any better on BEAM since I could only get about 13 -14 sol per second max on the 1050 ti. Right out the gate with no overclock it was hitting 22 sol per second. I am just starting to mess around with overclock and will come back and let you know how it went.

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Yes, your project is working out. Free electricity? Beam wasn’t profitable for me so I went to ZCoin among others
Best Wishes

I cannot mine Zcoin with my 4gb gtx 970 it is giving me some kind of memory error…just did a search and found that your gpu needs 6gb on board to mine zcoin this is something I am very glad I learned before i built a 6 gpu rig lol

Anyone have any experience with the GTX 970 and having issues with overclocking the memory? I have seen some youtube videos showing that you have to use NVIDIA inspector to change a setting to allow you to turn up the memory clock. I am wondering how to do this on a miner with a USB for hard drive running LINUX.

Check out the visual diffence between to GTX 1050ti Gigabyte and the GTX 970 Windforce G1 Gaming GPU mining beam when I was using them to mine ETH the 1050ti doubled the performance of the 970.

I think i just found a good deal I need some backup since it’s a big purchase please chime in anyone! 6X ASUS ROG Strix 1070 ti for $250 each?

Definitely don’t make a decision based on my beginner knowledge, but I think those perform slightly better than the GTX 1070s I have. My cards are mining ETH at 30.5Mh/s each, using about 120W each. I’m not sure what kind of hash rates you would be getting, but a quick google search shows the 1070 Tis would consume around 180W (if you’re mining Ethereum you can turn down power consumption in MSI Afterburner to around 70-80 to maximize efficiency). I bought each of my GTX 1070s for like $285+shipping/tax. In my completely unprofessional opinion, that is a pretty decent deal. Don’t expect any crazy returns on them in the short term, though. They’d probably take 1-2 years to pay themselves off (based on current ETH value), but you’re better off holding onto the coins you mine ATM.

*My GTX 1070s are supposed to consume 130W each. When I overclock and run them at 100% power they use about 150W each. When I turn power down to 80% (but leave my other overclock settings—you can see them on my build thread) it brings the consumption down to 110-120W each. So my bet is you could probably bring those 1070Tis down to around 140-160W.

Well I think I learned something today. I was watching my hashrate poolside and it kept surging up and down but it was showing very stable from my side of things. I thought maybe I needed to turn up the overclock and things looked better on my side but they were still surging poolside. Then I noticed that I wasn’t earning as much and I also noticed that my miner had restarted a few times without me noticing so when I was finally able to see it restart I saw that I had a memory error. It took a lot of searching and I was able to determine that I had indeed went to far with my overclock. Since I have turned down my over clock my hashrate poolside is now matching my hashrate on my end and holding steady. I am also earning more coins. I guess what I am saying is do not just trust your stats from the monitoring software side of things be sure to check your performance poolside that is way more important because that is what is used to determine how much you earn. I’m sure most people know this already but I had to learn the hard way :smiley:

Can anyone explain what these numbers and letters mean after where it says share accepted??

They were always coming back around the same level and then I got one way out of the ordinary range and I am just curious what it means.

So I’m starting to build a real rig, I ordered an Asus B250 mining motherboard that came with CPU, RAM, and 12 GPU mounting rig with 2 fans for $100 and I ordered a 1300w platinum EVGA PSU for $100. I am now trying to decide on a GPU and I am considering the AMD 580 8gb since they are super easy to find for about $120-$150. Anyone have some thoughts on GPU selection in the current market? For the sake of comparison lets say my second choice for GPU would be the 1660ti or super.

Damn after more research I think I might just go with 1080ti I will just have to try and shop around and find them under $400 and just keep adding one card every few weeks or so I just know if I get something lower tier it will drive me nuts until I upgrade.

Now I found some 10gb P102-100 GPU for $350 each I wish I had enough set aside to grab 12 of these because my concern is that I will not be able to buy one or two of these a month without them selling out by the time I get 12. Then there is the whole no resale value if they for some reason cannot be used for mining anymore.

Okay IDK why it took me so long to come to this conclusion but I have decided to go with the AMD RX 5700 XT. It is ranked higher than the 1080ti on what to mine and they are easy to find for around $300 meaning I can get almost twice as many cards for the same price. I feel like I am missing something though because this was way too obvious.

So what did you end up going with after all? I just got a used rig. I need an OS and software. What OS did you go with? I got a pretty good deal I think with an ASUS board, i5 chip and 8 EVGA RTX 1050ti with risers and huge EVGA 1200 watt PU. Running windows, i’ve been told might affect performance and stability ? IDK, I guess I’m going to read a whole bunch. Also, I need a frame to set it all up on and fans and maybe a second PU if I want to get all 8 GPUs running.
Any advice from your experience would be awesome. Also, as far as GPUs I’m eyeballing EVGA 2060 KOs. On GamersNExus they revealed that these GPU’s were based on 2080 dies. Yes they are 2080GPUs that did not pass inspection somehow and their initial tests had these performing well above normal 2060’s in many tests but of course not all the way at 2080ti levels. On the other hand they retail for like $350. I picked up one fro Best Buy to experiment with once I’m up and running. or it will end up in my other rig I want to build a CPU rig, I’m trying to track down used Epyc or ThreadRipper chips to make a crazy budget server. Takes allot of work and effort but there are deals out in the onbscure auction places or offer up and people that don’t really know what they have or just don’t care and want to get rid of it like the rig I picked up for only $400… Good luck!

I ended up going with AMD RX 5700 I still am working on getting it running with HiveOS. I had it running on Windows and I was super happy with its performance. I was able to get about 52 MH on ETC. I have read that using the Beta will solve my problem with HiveOS but for some reason I am having trouble writing the disk image to my hard drive. I had no problems at all with the non beta version. I ended up getting the Asus mining motherboard that can hold 19 gpus that came with some fans risers and a rig stand. For PSU I am going with one server PSU and a 1300w g3 EVGA. I only have the one new AMD card so far that I got off of NewEgg for $320 with tax and delivery and 6 months no interest lol. I was thinking if i liked it I would max out my NewEgg card on them. I am still mining with my two Nvidia cards the 970 and 1050ti on Beam getting about 1.5 Beam per day.

anyone know what causes this?

How do you like this motherboard? I’ve been thinking of picking one up, since they are pretty cheap and have plenty of room to add cards. Though, think it might be a bit big for home use :smiley:

It’s huge I doubt I will ever fill it up though just wanted to have the option just in case. I still haven’t been able to use it yet. Wow I think it is only compatible with DDR4 RAM thats gonna hurt my wallet lol