My gear arrived & no DOAs

hello new miner here, I want to give a huge thanks to Steve @master3004 and to this forum for hooking me up with him. I’ve been busy unpacking GPUs / ASICs and adding a pair of 60amp feeds to my garage. this was my second purchase via @master3004 but I’m already planning my 3rd order with him. I just need to figure out my load and heat limits. also need to get some immersion cooling happening for the ASICs. it’s pretty loud for a small work space i had to turn them off temporarily as i began to hear them in my dreams or when i try to sleep. so my next project has to be immersion cooling., Vosk has some good videos i see to help with this direction. any other advice is appreciated.


Great looking setup. Ya I can imagine the sound. That’s reason I started with KD BOX, mini doge and low power miner. My wife would drive me crazy than the miner sound if had these running at home. ha ha. Check these guys, not sure how viable this is. . good luck

looking nice bud… congratz

ya I’m glad i picked an outside wall. I’m going to have to install some in wall fans like these. this is my inlaws place so cutting holes in the wall and siding is something i wanted to avoid. but in my Race trailer is has AC (two) and i can probably fit 4 (8gpu) rigs in there so we shall see. i guess i could post more photos, i just didn’t think anyone gives a shyt. Its pretty messy work so far just wanted to get them up and running then go back and tidy up the electrical panels.

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Looks good man! I did a in-line fan and it’s been a huge help

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