My Review on the Goldshell mini Doge, Voskcoin edition

I’ve been a miner since I 4-5 months, I started with eth mining, I’ve a rig with some 3080 and it’s going well, but I can’t have it at my house, I live in a small apartment in the city, so if I want to have something here, it needs to be “nearly silent” so I started searching for some miners that don’t produce any noise.
I was able to get one mini doge Voskcoin edition with the first badge, have it with me for about 30 days, more or less, at first look, it’s impressive to see the machine I was skeptical about the noise that this machine could be capable of, but when I plug it in started to work very loudly, I was like, pls tell me that is just at the start to make sure everything is allright, and then when it start mining will drop the noise.

As Vosk sayed in the video I was surprised with the noise level, I’ve it in a gallery, and I sleep near to it (5ft away), and I can’t not hear the noise, I can hear the neighbor AC instead of this miner.
When I received came with the fist software update, was running well, but from time to time came offline, and I need to restart it, and I commented with the voskcoin community in the discord and some users had the same problem as me, so couple of days after. Goldshell released an update of the software, it’s been 20 days stable. Getting and avg of 187MH/s (capture at the end of the post) so more than the company list it for, so I’m very happy.
About the Profitability, it’s not a rocker, does not make what a rig of eth make or a big boy ASIC make, but it’s nearly silent, doesn’t consume nearly the electricity that one of that big boys take.
So to having it in a small apartment, where a rig or an ASIC would not be suitable to have on, it’s what it’s made for, plug and make profit.
I’m super Happy with it, hope that doge and LTC don’t keep falling further down, and start picking up some steam, so I can increase the profitability on this particular machine.
Thank you very much if you read all of this, I appreciate it!
I’ll link a video to the set up that I currently have with some music, about that



So this is making about $60 a month?
Seems pretty cool that it makes no noise.

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It is, and rn it’s beeing re-launched! more units came to stock in about 30 minuts or so!

my man thanks for putting this together and sharing – shared it on social media!

Mini Doge VoskCoin miner tails edition back in stock right now too! :rocket:

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