New Firmware Innosilicon A10 Hashrate Issues | A10 4gb to 6gb Upgrade option!


Please see latest firmware update provided to us this morning from Innosilicon for the A10 Pro and A10 L.

You can download this from the following link:

If you have an A10U miner you can try the following firmware:

This will help improve the hashrate slightly.

We are working with Innosilicon on getting this resolved as soon as possible.

We are also offering an upgrade service for the Innosilcon A10 4GB machine to 6GB.

If you would be interested in this upgrade please contact us as soon as possible at:]


Kind regards,
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I am looking for a firmware update for my 4 Innosilicon A10 5Gb miners. I bought them around February at your company. I already contact miner support at Innosilicon and supprt says that i have the normal A10 miner with 5 Gb memory. As i am a member of the Innosilicon Telegram mining group i suspect there is a rare group of people that had the non pro A10 with 5 Gb
I have 40% rejected shares at the moment and would love to see the samen firmware which is currently out dor the Pro version. i have same hardware only the control board does not accept it as it seed it is a normal A10

The Inno chat group can be found here on Telegram:

Scott O.

The story so far:

• People with A10 4GB miners will need to get a $1200 memory upgrade (from 4GB up to 6GB) from Inno if they want to continue mining ETH

• There is a small number of people who have the A10 non-Pro that has 5GB of memory. These do not appear to have any new firmware available.

• People with A10 Pro 5GB miners will most likely need to upgrade their firmware, Inno is trying to release a stable version. There are numerous reports of dropping hashrate and very poor accept/rejected shares. We’ve all be testing various versions of the firmware with little luck in the long term, some luck in the short term. I’m personally going to try upgrading my A10 Pro 5GB (A10L) to 6GB, which would only cost me $600 since it’s only a 1GB upgrade, so we’ll see how that goes once the parts come in a few weeks from now.

• People with A10 Pro 6GB (A10U) miners should not be having issues, but some people say they are. Some people have upgraded to the Oct 26 A10U firmware and have reported better performance.

Various A10 Model Numbers and Firmware:

A10 with 4GB - no new firmware available

A10 with 5GB - no new firmware available

A10L with 5GB - Oct 26 firmware available, seemingly good results for some people, but not for others

A10U with 6GB - Oct 26 firmware available, seemingly good results

Scott O.

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Thx Scott,
I appreciate your post. I am arthur in the telegram group by the way. I heared from some Telegram group members there are also A10 pro miners with 4 GB


OMG! :joy::rofl::sweat_smile::sob:

It just keeps getting worse :face_vomiting:

where to check, wich version you will have ?

To check which version of miner you own, go to the Overview page of the miner’s web interface and look for a reference to A10, A10L or A10U.

in have the normal A10

I have check why you seems to have full speed on crazypool on etc. I tested it and i had the same but on the pool side you have 88% stales. They are not counted on your payout. Read the faq on the website. so the problem is still there.

Well folks, the ETH DAG file size epoch has just hit a few minutes ago. If you take a look at your A10 miner’s web UI, you’ll see that around 30 minutes ago, your miner just restarted.

Is your A10/A10 Pro showing that it stayed online today after the DAG update? Or did it go offline and automatically restart at the time of the epoch?

Please report here with your findings.

Next epoch in 4 days.

For more information, see:

Scott O.

Last night the hashrate dropped till 32 mhz :frowning:

Hi guys,


If your miner is an A10 Pro or A10L, please try the following firmware:

If your miner is an A10U, please try the following firmware:

We have received a great response from our clients regarding this firmware who have an acceptance rate of 95% or above.

Kind regards,

unfortunately no new firmware for the original a10 :frowning:

Hi, is there anyone who did upgrade of a memory on his A10? I did that on mine but now I have a problem because I cannot change FW from A10 to A10l because of HW “incompatibility”

Where can I learn more about this memory upgrade?