New GPU MINEABLE DEFI coin! Zelantus ZELS Review

Let’s review a new GPU mineable DeFi cryptocurrency called Zelantus, a fork of Ravencoin with a Bitcoin emission schedule, and a big focus on Decentralized Finance marketing?! Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Zelantus ZELS is a newer proof of work AKA mineable cryptocurrency that has taken the KAWPOW mining algorithm from Ravencoin along with their on-chain asset feature. This means that Zelantus is GPU mineable and allows users to create their own assets, or tokens on their blockchain. While Zelantus may look like Zcash ZEC and you may think of Lelantus from Zcoin, oh and ZELS sounds like Zel, the ticker for Zelcash… which ripped their original name and logo design off of Zencash… which ripped Zcash… OKAY ANYWAY they all sound the same, but Zelantus is taking a fresh approach to it all with their focus on DeFi marketing and branding. This is a very risky and speculative new coin, but it is already being traded on the Altilly cryptocurrency exchange!

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Altilly cryptocurrency exchange (risky) -
Ravencoin mining tips and tricks, same miners are used for mining Zelantus so this is an excellent mining resource - Tips and Tricks and Downloads for GPU Mining Ravencoin in 2020 - KAWPOW Hardfork!

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I’d love to know more about this coin but I can’t read their website because there is a big massive Z hiding all the content :laughing:

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