Tips and Tricks and Downloads for GPU Mining Ravencoin in 2020 - KAWPOW Hardfork!

Ravencoin RVN is GPU mineable again thanks to KAWPOW!


Long story short Ravencoin is a mineable cryptocurrency that was originally GPU mined, and later ASIC and FPGA miners took over their network. Ravencoin has now hardforked or changed their mining algorithm to KAWPOW which is basically a tweaked version of ProgPoW, a mining algorithm that seeks to allow GPU and ASIC mining rigs mine effectively on the same network. There are no current known KAWPOW ASIC miners, so for awhile GPU mining will be profitable on Ravencoin.
You can checkout our GPU mining rigs mining Ravencoin on F2Pool here.

Best GPU for mining Ravencoin profitably -

Watch our video guide on how to mine Ravencoin on KAWPOW in 2020

Remember before you can begin mining Ravencoin RVN, you need a Ravencoin wallet address!
Personally we are mining to a cryptocurrency exchange, like BinanceUS and
You can use a multi-coin wallet that supports Ravencoin, we like ZelCore, download here.
You can use the official Ravencoin wallet, which you can download here.

Download the Voskage one-click Windows Ravencoin mining package for Nvidia and AMD here!
All you have to do is click the zMine_Raven_F2Pool to start mining, remember to edit your wallet in!

Again, KAWPOW is a customized version of ProgPoW which is sort of like an Ethash 2.0 in basic terms. What I’m saying here is that, I’d recommend using the same or similar overclock settings on KAWPOW and ProgPoW as you have used mining Ethereum in the past. If you haven’t used those overclocks, start with an overclock of +100 core and +100 memory, and build up from there. For reference here are my overclock settings with my AMD rx470 mining rig.

These are the overclock settings we are using for our p104-100 miner, which is basically aNvidia 1080 GPU mining rig. I increased the mining rig’s hashrate from ~134 mh/s to ~137 mh/s by overclocking the GPUs. If your miner is crashing, use no overclock settings with +0 and +0, then build up.

In our first four hours of mining Ravencoin RVN since their hardfork to the KAWPOW mining algorithm, we have mined 129 Ravencoins. Originally we had a Nvidia 1660 super, 2 RX580’s, and 9x rx470’s mining Ravencoin. About an hour ago we also got out p104 rig online mining RVN, which again, is basically a 9x 1080 GPU mining rig. You can check our miners here, replace our Ravencoin wallet address with yours to see your miners mining.

Want to mine Ravencoin on Linux or smOS? You can do it!

If you want to mine Ravencoin with Nvidia GPUs you can use TREX miner on smOS.
Currently, we are using t-rex v0.15.3, but we recommend using the latest version.

-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig -p x -i 20

We are mining Ravencoin on Linux with AMD on smOS using Kawpowminer
Currently, we are using kawpowminer v1.2.2-cuda, but we recommend using the latest version.

-P stratum+tcp:// --api-port 3333

Remember to change our wallet address with yours, and to use the correct CUDA version, if you don’t know it’s probably easiest to just try each version, or do some googling.

At the time of the hardfork the Ravencoin network hashrate dropped to around 1th/s, down from ~35 th/s. Although the hashrate is not directly comparable, it was an extreme drop which is good and also what was intended. At the time of finishing this write-up the network hashrate has just breached 2 th/s. Short-term GPU mining profitability will continue to be very high on Ravencoin, especially in comparison the the coin and USD earnings prior to the KAWPOW hardfork mining algorithm change. Long-term this is excellent news for the GPU mining community, and in our opinion, also the Ravencoin community. We are excited to see a bold mining algorithm change, and support Ravencoin in their attempt to be proactive for their community.

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Extra resources & notes for mining Ravencoin in 2020 on KAWPOW!

If you’re looking for a comparison of the Ravencoin KAWPOW miners which benchmarks all of the RVN miners against each other seekest the highest hashrate and thus highest earning miner you can review MinerMore’s article here. This write-up compares nbminer vs t-rex miner vs kawpowminer vs ttminer seeking the one that has the highest hashpower and thus is most profitable.

If you’re wondering what size graphics cards can mine Ravencoin on KAWPOW, it’s ANY GPU 3gb’s or above, and it’s possible for some 2gb graphics cards to mine Ravencoin on KAWPOW, but 2gb GPUs aren’t worth it in our opinion due to their typical lack of power efficiency.

AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards can mine Ravencoin on the new KAWPOW mining algorithm, Nvidia graphics are typically slightly more powerful and more efficient than AMD GPUs when mining Ravencoin KAWPOW and to be honest this is partly due to Nvidia GPUs typically just being better and more powerful graphics cards. Remember that KAWPOW is just a tweaked version of ProgPoW.

If you’re looking for the best Ravencoin mining pools, here are some of the top RVN pools!

F2Pool is a Pay Per Share PPS Ravencoin mining pool, very linear payouts - TREX config
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig -p x -i 20 is a long-standing and reputable mining pool created and operated by ocminer, it’s been a top mining pool for mining altcoins ever since we have mined crypotcurrencies! Below are configuration and bat files supplied by them for all four of the best Ravencoin KAWPOW miners.

Bat File KawPowMiner Ravencoin RVN KAWPOW 2020 miner

kawpowminer.exe -P stratum://

Bat File nbminer Ravencoin RVN KAWPOW 2020 miner

nbminer.exe -a kawpow -u WebLogin.Worker -p x -o stratum+tcp://

Bat File t-rex Ravencoin RVN KAWPOW 2020 miner

t-rex.exe -a kawpow -u WebLogin.Worker -p x -o stratum+tcp://

TT-Miner Ravencoin RVN KAWPOW miner

TT-Miner -coin rvn -P

MinerMore Ravencoin mining pool stratums and configs for T-Rex miner
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig -p x -i 20
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig -p x -i 20
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig -p x -i 20

WoolyPooly Ravencoin mining pool configuration for TREX miner @WoolyPooly
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig

Ravenminer Ravencoin RVN mining pool, configuration for TREX miner
-a kawpow -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9qJP1vxnjX9BKfSnUszaJcgwJkDoPJqW1.rig -p x -i 20

The history of RVN Ravencoin mining

VoskCoin has been covering Ravencoin since it was created in 2018, here’s a link to our original GPU mining guide on Ravencoin (outdated but still fun to look back on)

We also created an updated video mining guide when Ravencoin forked from x16r to x16rv2, this is again an outdated Ravencoin mining guide but fun to watch!

It was very difficult to acquire a Ravencoin RVN ASIC miner, but we finally were able to get the owminer which is a RVN asic miner, this ASIC miner does not work on their new mining algorithm KAWPOW, but again an interesting piece of Ravencoin mining history

Ravencoin KAWPOW GPU Mining benchmark list and mining efficiency

Basically the best GPU’s for mining RVN on KAWPOW!

Source for this entire KAPOW (ProgPoW variant) benchmark list

Card pwr setting (+)core (+)mem hash consumption (W) efficiency (kh/w)
970 76 137 497 5.7 97 58.76
1060 70 137 497 9.3 84 110.71
1060 100 - - 9.5 119 79.83
1060 60 100 800 9.8 90 108.89
1060 50 50 300 8 72 111.11
1060 70 50 300 9.7 102 95.10
1060 65 100 600 10.3 97 106.19
1070 71 19 569 13.8 125 110.40
1070 100 - - 12.3 178 69.10
1070 70 137 610 13.8 126 109.52
1070 65 160 600 13.7 102 134.31
1070 75 150 750 15.3 135 113.33
1070 70 50 650 15 130 115.38
1080 70 50 0 15.2 150 101.33
1080 70 75 275 17.3 150 115.33
1660 80 - - 10 85 117.65
2060 80 - - 17 125 136.00
2070 100 - - 21 174 120.69
2070 75 200 250 19.7 131 150.38
2070 100 - - 22.5 220 102.27
1050ti 100 170 650 6.5 75 86.67
1050ti 100 110 100 5.9 75 78.67
1050ti 70 110 100 5.6 53 105.66
1060m 100 - - 8 69 115.94
1070ti 70 194 495 14 126 111.11
1070ti 75 150 600 14.5 136 106.62
1080ti 80 115 500 23.7 200 118.50
1080ti 100 100 500 27.6 249 110.84
1080ti 80 70 500 19.7 171 115.20
1080ti 70 70 500 24.5 219 111.87
1080ti 90 125 600 26.7 224 119.20
1080ti 90 125 600 26.3 224 117.41
1080ti 85 69 926 26.8 208 128.85
1080ti 65 100 100 24 190 126.32
1660ti 100 - - 15.1 130 116.15
1660ti 70 50 650 15 111 135.14
1660ti 62 50 650 14 99 141.41
1660ti 100 150 700 16 128 125.00
2080ti 80 165 666 34.8 199 174.87
2080ti 80 50 500 37.2 207 179.71
P102-100 100 1582 5508 24.12 239 100.92
P104-100 100 1759 5005 17.78 174 102.18
RX480 100 - - 9.5 110 86.36
RX480 State-3 1100 2000 10.05 95 105.79
RX560 State-3 843 2050 4.355 41 106.22
RX570 State-3 1150 2050 8.164 119 68.61
RX580 75 2150 1125 10 ? ?
RX580 ? 1130 2000 8.5 175 48.57
RX580 min31mV 1200 2018 10.3 130 79.23
RX580 min31mV 1200 2018 10.3 150 68.67
RX580 min31mV 1200 2018 10.3 154 66.88
RX580 State-3 1100 2000 10.22 94 108.72
vega56 State-3 1237 940 20.1 195 103.08
vega64 state-4 1232 1100 23.3 173 134.68
VII 80 1704 1044 28.8 ? ?
VII 100 1675 1000 31.1 228 136.40
VII 1126mV 1801 1000 29.3 240 122.08


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do you think AMD cards need a new driver for better performance on Raven?

Thanks as always vosk. Sharing some results:

For reference, 3 rigs are JPamdRig : 4 x rx 570/580, JPrig - 3 x rx 5700 flashed with modded 5700xt BIOS, JPhouse - main desktop with Msi 2060 super and 1660ti , both gaming x models.


Total MHS are around 105-110 MHS. Mining to minermore. Using nb miner 30.2 on both AMD rigs, using trex on Nvidia pc

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@VoskCoin. Thanks for this review. I may have a similar miner to you, the G9 from Minerdude with P104s and using SMOS. Loaded in the t-rex miner and tried your OC settings from your post and didn’t so well. You did a +1400mem?!

I’m getting the best performance with +200core, -500mem, 120wt PL. These settings pull 14-15MH/s. With +1400mem I was getting 10MH/s and temps maxed out faster. I don’t have sufficient cooling in the room to run hotter than this PL setting.

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I had to use the program kawpowminer v1.2.2, located at Bitcointalk. Extract that to a directory, then include the following in a batch file:

******************************* Beginning of batch file ********************************
@echo off
kawpowminer -P stratum+tcp://
goto start
********************************** End of batch file ************************************

Don’t forget to change the wallet address, or you are mining for Vosk! :smile:

hey, I’ve been following you on youtube for a while and watch your videos :), and since today I am also on this page :slight_smile: I have 3 graphics cards 2 times amd rx 570 8GB and an nvidia gtx1060 6GB just got the T-Rex and on the AMD PC “Bminer” I’ve had 15 raven coins together for 8 hours. So in 24 hours I will have 45 coins around $ 0.90 is my bill correct? if that were the case, that’s fine, but that’s exactly what I can do with my 3 graphics cards at Etherum. does anyone have a tip for me? because the new algorithm should be better and bring more profit right?

Hey, Has the algorithm been changed again? because the speed is very slow? does anyone have any problems?

What miner and GPU are you using?

Best miners for Kawpow - Nbminer, Zenemy, Trex (check you have the latest version without dag file bug)
If you mine RVN with AMD then Nanominer or WildRig.

My stat -
More than 2 RVN with 1 Mh.

I know I’ve been boasting about Nicehash a little too much here… But if you ever have some extra satoshis, their marketplace is also a good way acquire RVN and many other spec coins! Few weeks back when BTC dropped I mined 640rvn, 20000ckb, 300hns quickly and for a decent price.


Would you be willing to share some screenshots? Basically what’d you put in, and what’d you get out, on what dates at what prices?

Sure! Looking at the numbers I did not get out what I put in, however I am happy holding the coins and will likely use a litle btc here and there to mine some more. I would consider GPU rigs however my only 30a mining circuit will be tapped out soon…might have to get a bigger shed!

I deleted the CKB mining sub account on F2Pool so unfortunately my revenue data was lost. I attached an SS of the wallet to show amount.

I keep getting this, anyone have any input?

Download up-to-date T-Rex Miner from Github.


I want to mine RVN but geez it sure sucks a lot more power off my rigs.

i try mining rvn on nicehash and other pool for 5 min to see how much mhs have. from 930watt going up till 1200watt and all gpu power cables was hot. plus i see is not worst mining rvn my profit going 0.01 more plus power consumption going up 270watt with his wattage i can add another 3x gpu= 258watt and get more profit. in my opinion it not worst mining till power usage not dropping down or price up around 1usd. with his power consumption just will soon damage hardware. in my case i will mining in nicehash and second rig to directly eth plus some asic miners on nicehash


KAWPOW will RUN HOT!!! I RECOMMEND zero OC settings until you get that running with out issues. THIS WILL ALWAYS RUN WARMER THAN MOST ALGOS IMO. KAWPOW, KAWPOW

if i reset my settings wattage up to 1565watt and profit -50usd so i dont see any point to mining rvn. with my settings on eth or nicehash i get 193.525mhs,930watt, 52c, with 6x rx580 on rvn 75.5mhs,1565watt, 65c with 6x rx580. right now im working on project for free power after project will be finished i put back online my asic miners. till not be solved problem with high wattage on rvn my miners will not mining

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