New Kadena (KDA) Pool - PoolMars

We have a new KDA mining pool - PoolMars! This will help with KDA decentralization.
Also it looks like Goldshell has partnered with them to offer free fees for the month of March.
Per the KDA calculator on PoolMars, it looks like the payout is comparable to PoolFlare. It shows a KD-Box making about 1.1 KDA a day.

Details in below tweet and at PoolMars dot net. I did submit this new pool to miningpoolstats but it hasn’t showed up there yet. Current hashrate - 193 TH/s.


I moved my KD-Box to this pool a few minutes after posting. Setup was the same as Poolflare.
Just point your miner to the appropriate url for your region, set up your username as your wallet (use the K: address), and use 123 as a password. Simple. I’ll follow up after a few days with earnings.


Can you share your daily payouts in the next few days?


Yes, I will post my earnings and reject rates after a few full days of hashing.


Just switched over. Will update too in a week!


Nice. I see the hashrate is now up to 280 TH/s from 193 around 3 hrs ago so there’s quite a bit of buzz surrounding this pool.
So far so good and low reject rate too 0.18% last 3 hrs.


well seems i lucked out during the 2 hours i tried the pool , so far made 0.8 kadena :stuck_out_tongue: , see if i get more lucky with the kd box during the pool having its period with 0 fee


PoolMars is now showing on MiningPoolStats. It’s also now at 452 TH/s.

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I made more on PoolMars in 6 hrs than I did on Poolflare for 6 hours today. Most likely due to high luck on PoolMars at the time.

I had to switch back to Poolfare so I can meet the minimum withdrawal limit of 0.5 KDA to fully withdraw whats left on my Poolflare account.

But tomorrow at 6 am, I’m going to switch full time to PoolMars to help decentralize Kadena!


So PoolMars uses the PROP payment method. Your payment depends on the luck of the pool, so if the pool is lucky, you’ll get rewarded well, if luck is low, you will also do poor. A little different than PPLNS, kinda a mix between PPLNS and PPS.

A good read if you want to know the difference,

\[Guide\] PPS, RBPPS, Prop, PPLNS - Whats the difference? | Feathercoin Forum.

But luck over time should average 100% and the variance of luck will continue to go down as the hashrates go up.

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Is anyone using the US server? Im not connecting for some reason.

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I am,

USA server url is,

Also port 5201 is available

Something strange is happenning. I deleted my poolflare strarum from my miner and added poolmars and my miner is still mining on poolflare. Its been 20 minutes and still hashing strong. I will reiterate there is no address referencing poolflare in my miner and its still mining there. Weird.

hm well its pretty 100% forward : wallet adress + (us + a port 5200-5201) or eu port and i connected within 5 minutes and running it , check wallet adress i guess

Agreed. Im guessing ill need to restart the miner at this point. Waiting till I hit .5kda then Ill restart it


With a KD Box, rejection rates is very low for me. 0.79%. This is half of my average rejection rate at Poolflare.

Right now earnings are lower, but I imagine this is because PoolMars hashrates are much lower and luck variance is much higher. So I’m hoping Poolmars is just in a low luck period. It should swing the other way and in the end average out to normal earnings.

Only time will tell.

FYI, If your mining with a KD5, Poolmars recommends to update to newest firmware. It solves high rejection rates issues…


I have a few minor concerns about the payouts. For now it isn’t very consistent. I got the first payout on the 1st and both on the 2nd but the evening one was 2 hrs late. But nothing this morning or evening yet. I confirmed on Zelcore too. Balance shows 0.8041 in PoolMars. Maybe this morning was under but this evening was clearly over the 0.5 threshold for payout.

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Zelcore transactions…

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I have KD box , of course i am miner and seller , my average hashrate is 1.6T / from 3 days ago , network difficulty increased and reward of 24 hours decreased from 1.5 KDA to 0.9 KDA per day . it is because of network difficulty , if difficulty increase more , then income will be less , i think in this situation , kda coin price must increase .

My telegram channel for checking prices

My transaction