New Kadena (KDA) Pool - PoolMars

Things aren’t looking so good for far guys. Poolflare still might be the winner.

yeah i am on the fence with this pool just now , it varies alot (not lucky enough i guess) also payout are bit off , still waiting for yesterday 1,5 that supposedly was sent nearly 12 hours ago and seems its gone awol :stuck_out_tongue: but gotta wait and see, so far im kinda at same 1.10 average if doing the math vs other pools

Yep me too. Even though the payments are all over the place overall I seem to be getting about the same as Poolflare on a KD-Box - about 0.55 kda twice a day. Plus I’m helping to decentralize Kadena.


They recently changed the payout times to,

2:00 UTC time
14:00 UTC time

Minimum payout should be 1.0 KDA

Also, Poolmars hashrates is only 1.8% of the total KDA network hashrates.

Luck variance will be a lot more compared to Poolflare with 77% of networks hashrates.

It will take a month, not days to fully see if Poolmars is a healthy Pool, this is due to luck variance.

It’s worth sticking it out, even if we loose a little income. It’s hard for any new pool to get established if we have miners unwilling to give new pools a chance.

Poolmars is also sacrificing income for us miners to test them out. 0% fees for month of March.

Give them a month of our hashrates please.


hey im all about giving chances and testing, but if i have to mini manage watching their payouts , contacting them over and over to keep it up then people will run away faster then you can say cookie
(update odd it took 12 hours to get last day payout but it came thru eventually)

It looks like they are going through a little growing pains. For my payout issue above I noticed the payout minimum was set to 1000000 KDA yesterday. Now today it has been changed to 1 KDA (3 days ago it was 0.5 KDA). And like you said payout times are changing.

As long as they eventually pay me out I’m fine with whatever they pick. And I’d actually prefer a once daily payout - so upping it to 1 KDA is ok.

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I hear you,

But seems like payouts is working now (as set by their new settings as mentioned above)

Received my payout today at 1400 UTC time.

Yeah. I switched back to poolflare… i can make some more. 3 days of poolflare gives me about 3.5kda while poolmars was 2.5kda.

By March? That’s when the fees kick in so technically you might be earning even less…

we will just have to see where it goes, gonna be on the pool for another week then decide , luck is just that and in the end the average will decide over the next week

A few days is not enough time to fully test a new pool using a luck based payout system. This is due to low hashrates and larger than normal luck variance compared to established pools.

Please don’t conclude that PoolMars does not pay the same with only 3 days of mining.

If PoolMars had 7ph/s, than sure, 3 days is enough time. But at only 1.5 PH/s (1.8% of KDA’s network hashrates) 3 days is not enough to determine if PoolMars is good or not. Because luck variance can swing back and forth in weeks at this low of hashrates. Not days…

I get it, some people are not cut out to give new pools a chance, they are more worried about short term profits than long term success of KDA.

PoolMars is making nothing right now. 0% fee for month of March. They are supporting the success of KDA by sacrificing short term profits to help get to a decent hashrate…

I think most KDA miners are more profit oriented than coin oriented. There’s nothing incredibly wrong with that, until the coin has a problem, and lack of decentralized mining platforms can lead to a problem.

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yeah if you make the amount you expect then its why change pools , so far having to rely on luck to get the 1 or more per day and it dont kick in , people will never change pool , heck just see stats and people are mining in the populated places cause why should they go from expected to a pool that atm gives 0.5-1 or if lucky more, people are hesitant to move

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Luck when it comes to mining pools is not how you would traditionally define luck. Normally luck means something not totally reliable or predictable.

But when we’re talking about luck variance and pools, Luck only means the variance that you make over a “x” number of blocks found. It’s purely math.

If PoolMars is a healthy KDA pool. Just because its luck variance is more, does not mean you are leaving it to chance to “maybe” you will make more. It will make the exact same as another healthy pool, ie Poolflare, in time.

You just have to let the luck variance swing from low to high. Less hashrates = bigger swing. Higher hashrates = smaller swings.

Poolflare has luck variance too, but since the variance is so tight (due to having 77% of KDA network hashrates) you will barely notice the low from the high.

IF PoolMars is a healthy KDA pool, you have nothing to worry about the low swings.

Only time will tell if PoolMars is healthy though. So far everything is looking good. Very low rejection rates. And income is about where it should be if you factor in the higher luck variance for the amount of Hashrates PoolMars currently has.

The more Hashrates PoolMars gets, the faster we will be able to tell if PoolMars is a Healthy Pool.

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Update. I got 1.2 KDA this morning. That seems to be my missing payments.

As for comparing payout to Poolflare:
If I divide my payments on PoolMars by the number of days I’ve been mining I get 0.577 twice a day. That’s actually a little more than I was getting in Poolflare lately (last 5 payments were about 0.55). So averaged over time PoolMars is better at least for me.

And due to luck the next payout looks to be higher than average as I just got 0.172 in the last hour profit. That’s a rate of over 4 kda a day! Plus my reject rates are much better than Poolflare.


Last 12 hours I’m right on track on making equal to Poolflare as well!

And my rejection ratings are awesome. Never had my rejects at 0.62% for a long period of time before…

But time will tell… I’m hopeful that this Pool will turn out well!


Switched over to pool Mars. Currently on the 5200 port.

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So how has people been experiencing the pool ? for most lucky i got during a 24 hour run was 1.5 then its been 1.1 ish average and today on it seems to be day of unlucky mining and currently at 0.6 , so seems average is like most pools without the fee well unless you strike it good :slight_smile: running a kdbox

Gonna stick with the pool for this month and then decide , its fun seeing one get lucky and a bonus pay , but as today getting less then 1 for 24hours is just no fun

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Sounds like your doing good! Your experiencing luck variance!

PoolMars has very low hashrates compared to other luck based pools (PPLNS, PROP).

So Luck will swing both ways. Should average out in the end.

I’ve averaged out to 0.99 per 24 hrs with KD box…

I’ve heard highhashrate machines do better than low hashrate machines like a KD box due to the PROP based payout system… but I don’t have any KD5’s or K1+’s, so I cannot verify.

So slightly less than poolflare with a KD box, but lots of potential if PoolMars gets more hashrates and continues to be tweaked in the background!

I too have noticed a decline. Last 3 days were between 0.8 and 1 KDA a day. I’m sticking with it for the month though. Pool hashrate seems to be leveling off too at around 1.6 PH/s.