New Kadena (KDA) Pool - PoolMars

Good day, hope all is well…I’m new here…but been mining with my Kd Box’s…with F2pool…then switched over to Poolflare…much much better…
Thinking about trying out Poolmars question i have is…What port are you using when it’s shows 5200, 5201?..on Poolmars
Or Poolflare default port is 443…what’s Poolmars?
Which one are you using?..and are you still having issues with payouts??


@gennaro494, According to PoolMars, Port 5200 has a higher initial difficulty than Port 5201. PoolMars recommends Port 5201 for smaller hashrate machines like the KD box due to the initial difficulty is set lower.

I’m not sure how big of a difference it actually makes though.

Thanks, thinking about putting 3 of my KD Mini’s on here…to test it out…
so port 5201…where did you see that info??..from their website? then either us-eu or asia

Through their telegram channel.

Is my KD2 still considered small? Might have to change ports

I tried both ports with a KD Box and I can’t say for certain if there is much difference…

Go with the port that has the lowest latency is my advice…

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And that would be???

You can check latency via a ping tool. 2miners has a good one, plus an article on how to use it.

Check the Real Ping To the Mining Pool Server With Stratum-Ping Tool - Crypto Mining Blog (

Otherwise go with the one that gives you the lowest rejection rates. Only way to tell is trying each port and let it run for a few days and compare rejection rates. Best way would have two miners, one on each port and being able to compare directly within the same timeframe.

Either case, both ports should be roughly the same… unless you want to get picky or see a noticeable difference between the two, don’t worry too much about which port you pick…

From the falling hash rate on poolmars. It seems most miners can’t see the long term benefits.

most miners well just mine , they setup a pool and in general dont move around too much + also lol for me it was just by pure luck i saw the new pool open on twitter , also seems people switching to regular pay vs having to get lucky can be offsetting

FYI, According to PoolMars Telgram channel, Orphaned block rate is a bit high. Edwards (PoolMar) said he tried / or is trying to apply updates to the USA server to help reduce the Orphaned rate.

I assume if they can get the Orphaned rate down, miners rewards will go up.

Hoping KDA miners are still willing to commit 1 or some of their miners (If they have multple) to PoolMars to help them keep their hashrates up while they work out the kinks…

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That’s good. Because currently the payout is not matching their payout calculator. This is probably why. Takes me 1.5 days to get over the 1 KDA threshold. I’d say it is still about 0.8 KDA per 24 hrs.

Daily Profits: 1.6 TH/s ≈ 1.15800014 KDA $ 7.6683

yeah im in europe and the return varies alot ,still giving the pool a try but seems my kdbox with this pool is slowly going below 1 per 24h and that will make me switch very fast to a more stable pool , we are all after making a decent stable mining coin and well its starting to show why people are going back to the other pools

Q 4 U… Drew was saying(latest youtube video) there is difficulty selling KDA , here in the USA… I just purchased a KD5 that hopefully will be working by Thursday. Any thoughts on the selling of KDA would be greatly appreciated…

I had to move to poolflare, my payouts has transaction errors. It would show in my wallet, but with the balance of 0 .

Hey Joe, hoping you can share some wisdom. I Just purchased a KD5 and would like to have it up and running by the end of the week. I am as Green as the green giant… so is there a standard fee for pools across the board, and which seems to be the most consistent to you? Thanks Eric Bradshaw

I’ve sold KDA on Kucoin without issues. Sometimes though, Kucoin will have issues sending/receiving KDA when they do wallet upgrades. Something to be aware of

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I’ve been using CoinMetro without any issues. They link to your bank account, you can trade KDA directly to any other asset they support as well. Bank ACH transfer has a 5 dollar flat fee though.

You do have to KYC, and as others have said, using a VPN with CoinMetro is a No No, will cause issues…

Otherwise, you may find other exchanges with lower trading fees, but CoinMetro has been solid, never had my KDA locked up suddenly as other exchanges have done. Fees are not outrageous…

As long as you don’t use VPN, CoinMetro is solid.

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appreciate the information…