NEW LIST 11/17/2021 and a few Gpus


Nov.17th 2021


Used L3+ Free PSU US$984
Used L3+ used Bitmain APW3 US$1,032
Used L3+ New Bitmain APW7 US$1,056
Refurbished L3+ US$1,056
Refurbished L3+ used Bitmain APW3 US$1,103
Refurbished L3+ New Bitmain APW7 US$1,127
Pre-order L7 9160M November US$26,714
Pre-order L7 9160M December US$24,741


New T2Th 29T US$1,270
New T2Th 32T US$1,270
New A1166pro 81T US$5,858
New A1246 85T US$7,133
New S19J PRO 104T US$12,647

Used S9 13.5T free PSU US$429
Used S9 13.5T Bitmain APW3 US$476
Used S9I/J 14T free PSU US$452
Used S9I/J 14T Bitmain APW3 US$500
Used T2Th 30T US$1,399
Used M21S 54T US$3,592
Used M21S 56T US$3,725
Used M21S 58T US$3,858
Used M21S 56T US$3,773
Used M21S 50T US$3,171
Used A1066 50T US$2,682
Used S17PRO 59T US$3,014
Used S19 95T MOQ:5PCS US$8,631
Used S19PRO 110T MOQ:10PCS US$11,229
Refurbished S19PRO 110T US$12,309
Used Avalon 851 MOQ:50PCS US$257

#X11 Dash…#

New D7 1111G US$13,063
New D7 1131G US$13,149

#Blake 2S KDA…#

New KD5 US$68,999
New KD Box US$8,132

#Blake2B+SHA3 HNS…#

New HS BOX 235G US$813

#Eaglesong CKB…#

New CK Box no PSU US$1,055
New CK5 US$9,654

#Ethash ETH/ETC/ETP…#

Used A10PRO 6G 720mh US$12,284

#Equihash ZEC/VDL/KMD…#

Used Z15 420K free PSU US$8,743
Pre-order Z15 420K November US$11,524

NON-LHR Brand New GPUs

manli 90hx US$1,750
ASUS 3090 ROG Strix OC US$3,133
Gigabyte 3090 US$2,950
Gigabyte 3080box US$2,467
Gigabyte 3080 Turbo US$2,300
ASUS 3070 Turbo US$1,583
NVidia A4000 no box US$1,367
Colorful 2060s US$850
Manli 2060s US$817
ASUS TUF 6900XT US$1,617
ASUS 6700XT US$1,067
Dataland 6700xt US$967
ASUS 6600XT US$692
MSI 6600 US$617
ASUS 6600 US$592
Gigabyte 2060 US$617
MSI 1660S Ventus US$631
Gigabyte 1660s US$617
Colorful 1660s wk US$600
Gigabyte 590 8g US$617

DOES NOT INC SHIPPING or credit card processing charges . can send estimate, invoice, receipts and tracking . i do this for donations and review keep that in mind ., :slight_smile:
contact on profile dropdown/expand if needed

Used S17PRO 59T US$3,014
I take it.

sure ., check my profile . expand drropdown

Interested in L7 December drop. Price with shipping please to Washington state 98503, I am currently in the process of getting cash together and stockpiling coinbase acct. Just looking for number to shoot for.

Pre-order L7 9160M December US$24,741 plus shipping

How many s9 13.5th/s do you have? and ship to Canada. How do i pay? looking for 10+

direct suppliers line… i can get as many as u can pay for

Where do i purchase? Website
I live in Canada how does the customs work?

by texting my phone number, dont need a site