NEW LIST 11/17/2021 and a few Gpus

Moved to new list !@

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Used S17PRO 59T US$3,014
I take it.

sure ., check my profile . expand drropdown

Interested in L7 December drop. Price with shipping please to Washington state 98503, I am currently in the process of getting cash together and stockpiling coinbase acct. Just looking for number to shoot for.

Pre-order L7 9160M December US$24,741 plus shipping

How many s9 13.5th/s do you have? and ship to Canada. How do i pay? looking for 10+

direct suppliers line… i can get as many as u can pay for

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Where do i purchase? Website
I live in Canada how does the customs work?

by texting my phone number, dont need a site


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youll c who the clown will be . :+1: :grin: @Robert_Connolly

I’ve heard people waiting 4-7 weeks !! No way is that an accurate timeline and I’m not trying to ruffle feathers but I call it as I see it. Always have, always will. Pre orders are unpredictable due to many factors but in stock items is 10-14 business day TOPS!!! What are you going to say to people when Chinese New Year hits and the whole country shuts down for 15 days.
If they don’t receive by then now you’re at 10-12 weeks. No way. I call bullshit or your vendor sucks. Plain and simple. And these people deserve answers

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quit running ur mouth and know the reason for it first. plan and simple . jsut another one running ur mouth for no reason before knowing facts… peace

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I’m not running my mouth. Why so angry? Why is delivery taking so long. That’s all people want to know. I picked a not so trafficked topic to ask you. Why so long?


He says know the facts but won’t ever give the facts

lol go for it

@Robert_Connolly like i said

just thought I’d jump in here, brand new to discord & don’t know the etiquette/protocol but I’d like to experiment by just commenting and saying, "Hey, does anyone know rules for credit card purchasing, like, I thought I couldn’t be billed on y statement before an item actually shipped ?? but I ordered 2 Linxdot miners from their site and it’s already on my credit card as a charge though not shipped yet (by their promise it should be here late April)

u get billed before anything ships . when u place an order u get charged @Lakeview


Thanks for the reply. Just to clarify, I guess I thought it was like buying from Amazon, like when you order something that gets backordered, then whatever you ordered won’t even appear on your credit card statement since it hasn’t shipped yet. That maybe is just an Amazon courtesy ??? Guess I thought it was a law, rats. Yah, I ordered 2 Linxdots and I’m already paying for them (credit card payment is DUE), so I might have these bad boys paid off before they ever arrive !! LOL I have done successful chargebacks to companies that didn’t deliver what they promised, it’s not hard. The catch may be that there is a time limit to when you can “go back on” whoever sold you something and scammed you. If the time limit is 90 days and you’ve already waited 180 days for a product that never arrived, you may still be screwed.