New list for 11/16/2021 + GPU

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I would like to buy two mini doge miners

Do you post to australia?

worldwide shipping

Hi @Master3004 , I have sent you a message. Can you please check it and let me know. It’s regarding a unit.

Thank you


what . when where

Can I get shipping cost to Australia NSW 2320 Maitland

That CK-box with shipping to Denmark? could you send me a quote via PM

I am interested in the l3+

1660 super for 600 ? Ouch :face_with_head_bandage:

just posting the prices im given …

contact is in the expand/dropdown profile… sry if i dont get right back to you … might have to send a few messages… i do this by myself for donations. and kinda swarmed with requests

Hi @Master3004 , can you please provide a quote for one Used L3+ New APW7 including shipping to Auckland - New Zealand? Can you also let me know the hash rate of the one that’s in the quote as Bitmain has 2 different L3 released in 2017.

Thank you

check my profile./ expand dropdown

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