New Mining Rig - 3060TI

Hello I would like help

I’m setting up a new rig

1-Biostar 12pci
1-Ram Memory 8gb
1-SSD 120gb

6 or 8 Video Cards
RTX 3060ti 8Gb Gigabyte

My doubt is

2-Source 850w Thermal Modular Tech


1-Source EVGA 1300w

Help me please and if you have more tips thank you in advance.

Mining in 2017 I’m a little outdated :frowning:

Em Portugues
Ola gostaria de ajuda

Estou montando uma rig nova

1-Biostar 12pci
1-Memoria Ram 8gb
1-SSD 120gb

6 ou 8 Placas de Video
RTX 3060ti 8Gb Gigabyte

Minha duvida é

2-Fontes 850w Termal Tech Modular


1-Fonte EVGA 1300w

Me ajudem por favor e se tiverem mais dicas agradeço desde ja .

Minerava em 2017 estou um pouco desatualizado :frowning:

if anyone has any project suggestions I can spend up to
$ 4,600

se alguem tiver alguma sugestão de projeto eu posso gastar até
$4.600 dolar

If you’re doing 3060ti, you can get them down to around 120-125w each, so 8 of them would be about 1000w… so either dual psu or single doesn’t really matter, but if you go with dual make sure you get that cable to connect them together.


If the board spends 125w it produces how many hashreate?

Se a placa gastar 125w ela produz quantos hashreate ?

in relation to PSU which would be better EVGA, TERMAL Tech or cooler master?

and in relation to video cards, which would be better EVGA or Gigabyte for mining?

thanks for all the help now!!!

I have a founders edition that gets about 60mh/s at 120w. However, the brand really doesn’t matter, they’re all about the same hashrate. There’s a ton of videos on YouTube with different brands being tested, and they are literally all within the same range.

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thank you my friend!!

abusing your generosity kkkk

the motherboard you recommend biostar boards or buy a normal board and pciexpress expansions

at first I would get this

recommends me another one in this price range?

That’s one of the best boards you can get. I used an AsRock H110 Pro BTC+ for my mining rig, but they’re all pretty good.

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thank you very much !!! I’ll do the rig assembly step by step for the next ones who have doubts! hope to help as you helped me

Carl_Bishop the Best :star_struck:

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61 MH/s for a 3060TI at 120-125 watts, using MSI afterburner to reduce power level.

I use the Biostar motherboard and as it’s a B250, you can use 2400mhz memory with XMP profile. H110 motherboards can use the same memory but without XMP it will run at 2100 mhz.

I like EVGA power supplies because I like the connections on their modular supplies. Seasonic is one of the best and most are made by the same vendor anyways. 1000 watts on a 1300 watt P.S is perfect.

-gser 2 command in Phoenix miner batch file will start the gpu’s separately to keep power levels low while starting up. Starting all GPU’s at the same time causes a temporary surge in power you should avoid.

hello, do you have any guide on how to make that last “-gear”. Thanks for the tips :pray::pray::pray:

I’m testing a really low temperature so it’s 51C, I was just in doubt about the 145w consumption


Hi @Rott1W4,

Great machine,
What processor and memories are you using?
Did you need to make that XMP profile mentioned above by @Dollyshunk?
What software are you using to mine ETH? And configs?


Olá @Rott1W4,

Grande máquina,
Que processador e memórias é que estás a utilizar?
Tiveste que fazer aquele perfil XMP mencionado pelo @Dollyshunk?
Que programa estás a utilizar para minerar ETH? E configurações?


16gb memory and fx6300 processor in relation to the video card we put the AMD driver in computing mode.

Overclock um MSIafterburner
Power Limit 60%
Core Clock -500
Memory Clock +1100
Fan 85%


Rott1w4: You asked about a command in the batch file and I noticed you set compute mode for your AMD cards. The readme file in phoenix miner folder is a good source of information, and it accepts Claymore commands . I think you’ll like these:

Mining options

Use only AMD cards

Turn on AMD compute mode on the supported GPUs. This is equivalent
of pressing “y” in the miner console.

Set the mining intensity (0 to 14; 12 is the default for new
kernels). You may specify this option per-GPU.

Serializing DAG creation on multiple GPUs (0 - no serializing, all
GPUs generate the DAG simultaneously, this is the default; 1 -
partial overlap of DAG generation on each GPU; 2 - no overlap (each
GPU waits until the previous one has finished generating the DAG);
3-10 - from 1 to 8 seconds delay after each GPU DAG generation
before the next one) I use -gser 2

Selects the restart mode when a GPU crashes or freezes: :0:
disabled - miner will shut down instead of restarting :1: restart
with the same command line options - this is the default :2: reboot
(shut down miner and execute “reboot.bat”) I use -rmode 2 as I get a random gpu failure when pushing the gpu’s and it may take 12 hours before a gpu crashes. I want a reboot and have a shortcut to the batch file in the startup folder so it boots with windows and select start with windows in MSI afterburner with the padlock open to get the windows icon lit. That way both afterburner and phoenix miner restart on any gpu failure. Will use same settings.

I can lower my settings a touch and never get a reboot, but I like to push the cards a bit and a reboot doesn’t take long.

First photo :pick::pick::pick::running_man:‍♂:running_man:‍♂:running_man:‍♂:running_man:‍♂

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Oi ROTT1W4! Bem vindo!

Vc mora no brasil ou estados unidos? To curioso quanto custa um RTX 3080 em Brasil…rsrsrs

Do you live in Brazil or USA? I’m curious how much an RTX 3080 goes for in Brazil.

I live in Brazil, we will use the 3060ti because the cost / benefit is better.

3060ti - $750
3090 - $2,000

we are waiting to arrive at the distributor :pensive:

Nice. That is still cheaper than here. On eBay the 3080 is going for $1600!

No qual estado vc mora?