New S19 90th 126chip uncorked… 105th!

If these miners weren’t the best bang for your buck, uncorking them will definitely push them there! I have been able to push my S19 90th (126 chip) to 105th. Below are my energy measurements:

Factory 92.5th 3074w 33.23w/th
J Pro 92.4th 2698w 29.2w/th
J Pro 97th 2835w 29.23w/th
Pro 99.5th 2965.5w 29.8w/th
J Pro 105th 3112w 29.93w/th

So what is uncorking and how is it different that overclocking? Well you use factory firmware and change the eeprom settings to run at a more efficient and faster hashrate. This is similar to using aftermarket firmware except you don’t pay DEV fee’s!

Unfortunately there are no aftermarket firmwares at this time for the amlogic 126chip S19 90th miners. Once third party firmware is available, we may be able to squeeze out even more gains via tuning.

I know the first thing you want to know is how to uncork them, unfortunately for most, you can’t. It requires special equipment to reprogram the eeprom of the hashboards. If you are an asic repair tech, you probably know how to do this. This is not a DIY friendly solution unfortunately.

As a side note, I have had this wrote for a few days but waiting to post… however it seems the buzz is already out there and everyone is asking for the S19 90th 126 chip version and the price on these has jumped $170+ from my supplier… just like everything Bitmain sells, they make sure they are the ones making all the money!!!


I believe you but could you share some dashboard settings and watt meter pictures, would be fun to share on VoskCoin YouTube.

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Absolutely! Not sure where you are located but if you’re not too far from me I could drive that way and flash your S19 90th if it is the 126 chip version. I’m in western NC.

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Here are 2 running different eeprom settings.

I don’t have one loaded right now on 105th but will pull one and load it this afternoon.


Sounds awesome! Would love to see photos of the watt meter, do you run your own repair shop?

I use 2 fluke 187 and a fluke i400 attachment to take measurements.

Yes I have a repair shop.

We tried ePIC UMC on these and they overclock to S19j Pro 104T levels very easily.
Control board swap is much easier to do than PIC replacement (Uncorking)

That’s interesting. I have never heard of the epic control board. What dev fees are charged with that firmware?

looks like it has no dev fees, I havent used one yet… ePIC UMC Universal Mining Control Board & Firmware for Antminer S19 – Altair Technology – Bitcoin Mining Solutions

Looks very interesting. Not sure that a control board swap is any easier that an eeprom reprogram for me… which only takes me a couple minutes to do. However, for the average miner that doesn’t have the specialized programmer, this might be a great option.

They need to send Vosk one to do a video on!

I ordered one. :grin: figured worst case it would be a good control board for my repair test rig.

That was fast!

Hopefully I’ll get to play with it some this afternoon.

Well its still early but so far I have mixed feelings about the board. I love the GUI of it and it seems to be very easy to use… but so far it is not running as efficient as the factory firmware and uncorked boards. The screen is showing 3349.8 watts and I measured 3341.9 watts @ 104.84th. Uncorked I was measuring 3112 watts.

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I know it’s not better than uncorked, I don’t have a 90th model but is there any other market firmware that is competitive with this? With my 95th and 104th models it’s normally an extra 500-600 watts to gain 15th on the likes of Luxos

I doubt it. I have tried Vnish and Brainns and not impressed with either as far as efficiency is concerned… honestly bitmain factory firmware is my go to firmware unless there is a problem I cannot fix, then I use vnish to try and find the issue (bad chip). Looks like this board will be good for that and has a home in my repair test rig. It should save me time from having to flash the control board to switch S19 sub variants.

Hey Jackson sorry for bombarding with questions but I find it interesting and want to understand better. If I understand correctly you use a eeprom code editor, and you change the frequency and voltage of each board, and it runs more efficiently because it’s on Bitmain stock firmware? Or do you change more than the frequency and voltage to achieve better results? Thanks legend

I am writing the eeprom from a j pro onto the s19 board. This is more than just editing and changing voltage and frequency.


Did you use the epic board on your S19 90TH?

The board is listed for S19j, S19j Pro, S19j Pro+ and S19 XP families only on their website…

Yes. It currently has j pro 104 eeprom loaded in it.

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