New to Mining, Help needed!

Hi All,

I am new to mining completely and would like to start with ASIC mining. I currently do now pay for electricity so that’s an advantage. As a newbie, what rigs would you recommend? Please drop any links, resources and tips you think may help me in my new adventure.


what kind of Asic miner you looking for ?

You honestly might want to do your own research on what asic mining is best for you because there’s all sorts that have their own mining capabilities but at the same time be really careful because a lot of them are huge electric guzzlers and can be very noisy too!

If an ASIC Miner is truly why you want to start with, go for the Goldshell LBRY Miner or more popular Goldshell Mini-Doge Miner, both machines are very economical, quiet and earn small portions of crypto whilst at the same time great for starters.

You might want to watch Voskcoin’s videos on asic miner’s so you get a more greater knowledge.

Wishing you the best of luck in your crypto adventures :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply. I’ve been watching lots of videos and all I am noticing is the type of miner is highly dependent on the amount you want to outlay. I am prepared to spend around 1k to 1k5 USD. Please recommend.


Thank you very much for your recommendations. You mentioned if I wanna start with ASIC. Would you recommend I started elsewhere? GPU, for example?

With that budget you are really limited. If I were you, I’d pick up an L3+ to get you started.

Thank you very much for your reply. Looks promising. You are referring to this one? Bitmain Antminer L3+ (504Mh) profitability | ASIC Miner Value

You could get this one for around $1300.
Bitmain Antminer L3+ (600Mh) profitability | ASIC Miner Value

Looking at purchasing this one from Amazon any thoughts on it?

[Modified Antminer S9 BOSMINER 16TH/S 1200W Or 12TH/S 800W Most Efficient Bitcoin Miner Machine Better Than S9J S9I S9 SE and As Efficient As S15 T15]


I don’t know much about that specific miner, however a quick search about the seller and I would NOT buy from them; 70% negative reviews with most of them saying their miners came inoperable or rusty.

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GPU Mining is another alternative for sure, all depends on your budget to spend and which coin you’re willing to mine.

You see at the moment for me I have 3x GPU Mining Rigs with different GPU’s mining BTC via NiceHash which was a smooth set up to all begin with and going well.

Feel free to ask more if you get stuck but honestly it is definitely worth a watch Voskcoins earlier videos because he thoroughly goes a lot with GPU mining rigs and ASIC Miners.

Thanks to @VoskCoin videos it’s got me started to what I wanted to do in the cryptocurrency world.

I’ve been struggling with a few mini doges vs one L3+.

The L3+ is loud, about $1,400 where I see it for sale, and needs 850w of power.
3x mini doge Goldshell would be quiet, $2,100 (699 w/no ps), and need only 700w of power. And they’d be new.
With a return on investment about a year each - over time I’d be much happier not listening to the L3+. Plus that 17% less power over a year (or more) will add up. 1,314 kw of power less over each year - or about $150 less a year in electricity at $0.12 per kw.
Any thoughts on these two miners? I have one mini doge already ordered during the lunar event. There’s another mini doge buy coming this month.

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One thing of note is not to get scammed.
I recommend Goldshell miners and their official website is, but there are many websites that are spelled differently or use .org or so. Be careful!


There’s pro’s and con’s to both options, I don’t think either one is a bad choice though. The l3= IS loud, but you can make a container for it which will reduce the db to about 50 (roughly). I wanted to get an L3 but everyone keeps saying they’re at the end of their life, but they are still pretty profitable especially if you have a good electric rate. I didn’t look recently, but are the mini-doge’s available at mrsp or are you spending 2,100 on one unit? At that price, I would rather buy 2 l3+s for about the same price. On the other side, the convenience of the Box miners is really nice as well, I just worry about their future profitability. Like I said before, either option is a decent choice. I Know someone selling a few L3+'s, if you decide to go that route I can give you his information. Good luck either way!

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I know nothing about GPU mining, but I didn’t think you could mine BTC? Now you have me curious haha

Thanks for the feed back…the next one I was looking at was a L3 or L3 +…Voskcoin went to a mining farm and that guy had lots of L3 and Antminer S9 that he uses so i would think there still profitable. I’m nervous to buy anything from ebay or amazon but would think those companies would help to back up the product verses buying from china and paying high tariffs and not getting it for three to four months or at all. Any suggestions?

Ya I’m sure they were L3+s. I don’t know about Amazon, but Ebay does a good bit to protect you when you buy through them; if you get scammed they will return your money, although I’m sure it’s going to be a headache. If you’re looking for L3+s you don’t have to buy from china there’s plenty of them available in the US. I keep going back and forth, but will probably end up picking up 2 in the next few weeks. As I said above, I know someone selling quite a few who I met through online mining groups. If you want I can put you in touch with him, just PM me.

Wait how could you not know you can mine BTC? :stuck_out_tongue: You definitely can my friend

Also GPU Mining is another alternative than ASIC Mining. Go watch the Voskcoin videos and he does explain in great detail.

Hi All
Just wondering is there a pre order list or something similar to purchase doge miner from Goldshell any help pointing me in the direction of a decent low cost miner would be great.
Dogwater Australia

I have one Mini Doge coming from the Sep 19th batch. Vosk mentioned there is another batch of them coming this month so I was looking to pick up 2-3 more at msrp. I wouldn’t pay more than that for them. I will DM you about the L3+. Best price I had found for them so far was $1,419 from bt-miners.