New with questions

Hello i have two of these cards

XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX Edition 1286MHz, 8gb GDDR5, DX12 VR Ready, Dual BIOS, 3xDP HDMI DVI, AMD Graphics Card

i can get high 23 -24 m/h. How do i get more without touching the bios and how do i mod the bios correctly? I have already tried once on a card and after modding it nicehash no longer seen the card. i even loaded the default bios back and it still could not see the card.

also after reading a bit i installed some blockchain drivers, now i am getting 19-21 m/h and i had the normal amd drivers installed getting 24.

what is the correct way i should go. i have more gpu’s to install soon

any help?

what operating system?

windows 10 home is that ok

I originally modded the bios on all my AMD cards, eventually switched to SMOS-SimpleMining, and have been pleased with their consistent updates, drivers etc. if you find you are having trouble or aren’t comfortable flashing bios etc, you may want to check them out. I’ve heard people say they like HiveOS as well but I have no experience there. You do pay $2 per month, per rig so maybe not worth it unless you have several GPUs, but I’ve found the cost pays for itself with rig stability etc. Very happy with the Vega rig there, was a bit of a nightmare trying to tune those in, but SMOS has a nice set-up.

as of now i am using wifi on my current test rig and the furture one. I don;t have enough ports to run wires. simplemining and hiveos i don’t think support wifi

Even though it’s a couple of years old, this video Vosk did on the subject is still relevant:

There’s some good links on there, but the best one is still probably:

You probably need to run the AMD Pixel Clock Patcher if it wouldn’t see the card after messing with the bios. Also, unless your electric is free, maximum profitability may not be going for the highest M/H. The AMD RX series tends to run with a lot higher voltage than they really need.

I made a thread on this Undervolting and Overclocking - though there wasn’t a ton of replies. With the base AMD controls, you should be able to adjust a lot of the tuning and voltage usage, without having to go to the BIOS level. Likely dropping your voltage at max load is going to save you a lot on electric without significantly impacting your hash rate.

Also, did you switch the cards from graphics to compute mode already? That’s supposed to help a bit with mining (NiceHash probably recommended it as well).

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i will check out your links. yes i used the compute mode on the amd normal drivers. I didn’t see this option in the blockchain drivers

also when i tried to bios mod my card the first time, i got my information from the video of vosk you posted. When i did the bios editor on the right it had a drop down menu with two bios’s. One said some numbers and saud “unknown” next to it and the other one gave some numbers with " mircon" next to it.

My concern is gpuz said i had samsung memory, but the editor didn’t say that. Also i didn’t know which bios to pick from that drop down menu, so this is how i screwed up.

also should i use the tools he shows in the video or use the newer ones out?

It is possible for a card to have mixed memory. There’s another video that goes into this, which I can’t find at the moment. But, yes, the newer versions of these apps would typically be better to use as they are more likely to correctly recognize a card.

ya i see nothing on youtube about modding a card with two bios

if a card has 2 bios there should be a switch on the GPU to chose which BIOS u want

yes there is a switch, with the normal amd drivers installed i get the same rate on both. I didn’t try the blockchain drivers on both. From what i can see one side is performance mode and one is quiet mode. But i also heard one side for was gaming and the other mining

once you mod them the switch will work differently it all depends which location you store the modded bios

meaty the problem is i have already tried to mod one of these cards and it messed up. As i said above when i open the editor in the vram spot there is two different sets of numbers. One says unknown after the first set and the second one says micron.

I have no idea which one too pick and i really don’t understand why it does not say samsung when gpuz says i have samsung memory

on the card that you modded it should have only changed one bios unless you moved the switch and then flashed the bios again. you should be able to move the switch and still have one of your original bios still in there

the one showing unknown might be the modded BIOS and the other is the original

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when i first did the mod i didn’t know about the duel bios. after i modded it i loaded nicehash up and the program didn’t see the card, gave me a error. So i tried to load the main bios back and it still didn’t work. i tried loading the main saved bios a few times and nothing. so i sent it back

when i tried to mod it i used the unknown one because that was the one that comes up first, and still don’t understand why the second one says micron when i have samsung memory in it

now i know that it has duel bios i am not worried to try it again. maybe i made an error when saving something

Ok guys i figure it out, i finally modded a card. i am getting 29.3 m/h with nanopool


nice, what was the problem?

really i don’t know. I repeated what i am supposed to do and it worked. But i have been running nicehash for awhile since then and it keeps giving errors and it stops mining and tells me i have to restart my miner.

never had that before i modded it