Noob needs help if possible,thank you

Hello. I have decided to make a mining rig. I have found 5 rx 5700 xt’s on sale and was wondering can someone tell me do i need a really good cpu and is the ASUS B250 MINING EXPERT any good, if not can u reccomend any? And is having one psu enough for all of that? Also i have a 3200 dollar budget. If anyone can help me in any way or share 5min of their time that would be much appreciated. Sorry for my bad english. Thanks for reading

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Howdy and welcome!! 3200 is more than enough!! I have a now 8 card rx5700xt rig and I power it with a single 1600 watt PSU just because I wanted too lol. Most people will split it between 2 PSU’s. I run my rig with a cheap 55 dollar celeron processor and 8 gig or ram. Thats a decent board as well but I use h110 btc pro’s.


Thanks so much for answering! Im a little scared doing this myself, i collected the 3200 dollars through a lot of months now and i want to invest it all. Can u tell me is the Biostar TB250 btc pro a good motherboard,and is a 1200 psu enoguh for all i want? for instance SEASONIC Prime 1200w 80 plus. Also 8 gigs of ram? and maybe an i3 or i5. Sorry for spamming u with questions,your the only one in 3 forums to answer.

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I use lga1151 socket processors. I’d stay away from the Biostar. I think I remember watching a video from Hashraptor where he received one dead out of the box. 1200 watt PSU should be plenty. Make sure it is modular! Super important!! And I use 8 gigs of ram because it was easier for me than to play with the virtual memory.

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Thank you so much dude! Im ordering everything in a few minutes,ill be sure to check back in when i assemble :slight_smile:

Just look at some rig specs! Lots of people post them. If you want mine I’ll compile a list for ya.

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This is what i was thinking
GPU - 5 x Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 5700 8GB XT
MOB - Gigabyte GA-B250-FinTech mining
RAM - Crucial 8GB DDR4 2400mhz
PSU - SEASONIC Prime 1200w 80 plus Platinum
CABLES - 5 x PCI-E 1x to 16x Powered USB 3.0 Extender Riser Adapter
SSD - 120gig
CPU - INTEL Core i3 9100F
Also ive seen some people talk about PCIE splitters,do i need those?

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I use splitters for the riser power only. Specs look decent enough to me. I don’t think you need a platinum rated PSU. You could save some money by going gold but thats my personal preference. Also order EXTRA risers. Sometimes those are DOA as well.

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Ok,i will take your advice,thank you for everything!

you dont need also i3 cpu or 8gb ram, celeron or pentum 4gb ram as you dont mining with cpu even if you mining you will have not stable rig, second ssd if you run windows 120gb if mining os 32-64gb ssd or usb stick 16gb or better.

dont wasting money for parts witch one you dont need. im use for all 6x gpu rigs h81 pro btc pentum 4gb ram,32gb ssd for mining os, for 12x gpu h110 pro btc same setup pentum 4gb ram 32gb m2 ssd, card tunes and testing im do with spare h81 pro btc,pentum 4gb ram 120ssd for windows in his case i dont need shut down my rigs finish test or tune shut down rig for 5mins pluging new gpu and run again or till im do tunes can run new rigs or build it

Am interested in how you get 16 power plugs from a 1600 psu?

you have psu even with 18x 6+2 plus 8x sata.i have 2x 1600watt psu 1x power 8xgpu 1x powwer 4x gpu + mobo + 12x fans. no sata used for risers everything 6+2 pcie. all branded psu like evga or other is not for mining as is gaming psu have psu with are special made for mining and cost half price of some evga. everybody buy branded psu as they think whey are best even with branded psu you can make fire if you dont know what you branded psu will not give you back money if you blow your rig with overload and warranty some mining psu have much longer of branded psu

I run splitters to all the risers and my EVGA platinum 1600 has 9 vga plugs

yes, but you said you weren’t running splitters and 5700xt takes 2 8pins. That would mean 16 seperate gpa connectors?

5700 working same as 580 with only 8pin plug you not draw 225watt per card second most psu coming with dual 6+2 plug 1x going to riser second you can split and use both connectors on gpu if you draw more of 150 watt, second plug on gpu are are extended 8pin plug as over 150watt per plug you will melting plugs of high current reason have 2 plugs 8+6 to not draw 200watt from 8pin gpu. dxample you run 170watt = 150watt 8pin 20 6pin

him got 9 plug 6 power up gpu 3 spliting to risers or 8x plug with dual plugs with spliters 8pin split to dual 8+6 and second power up riser

That’s where i am confused. I just got 2 5700s but haven’t installed them. They can operate with 1 8pin? i know my rx580s had a 8pin and a 6 pin and worked with 1 connector. for some reason i thought i read the 5700xt had to have 2 8pins. weird

second pin if you draw lot off power, some gpus still need plug second plug even if draw less of 150, i have 5700xt buy couple days ago and is working with single plug

my ASROCK ones wouldn’t even register without 2 connectors