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How’s it going guys. I’m Evan and pretty new to the crypto world. I saw goldshell is selling doge coin miner and thought it would be cool to own one. Now my question is I saw you can order one and they will ship it to you, but they don’t include customs duties and tax if I’m not mistaken. I’ve looked over the Internet and I’m just missing something. How or where do I go to pay customs duties and taxes so I can get the goldshell miner? Or does customs contact me once the product has arrived in the US(FL) so I can pay the tax? Can someone please help me

I recently bought a Goldshell miner. Their shipping fees included customs. I was not required to pay any additional fees while it cleared customs.



I’m in South Africa. DHL contacted me for the customs and clearing fees for my MiniDoge.

You don’t pay shipping to Goldshell, it’s all inclusive, customs will be dependant on your countries import laws.

I hope this helps


Hi Evan, I concur with Amps. I’m in the US and I paid one amount – the purchase price – and it came to my door within 10 days of my order.


Awesome that’s good to hear. I had a chance to buy one like a month ago. But the whole shipping issue tripped me out and I missed out because I was worried it wasn’t going to get to me. But now that y’all reassured me I’m gonna be keeping an eye out for when I come back in stock.


Get out while you can! Only the thieves are doing well in this space. You have been warned!

KBB: It is the wild west to be sure, but “get out while you can”? I’ve been in the crypto space since 2016 and I’ve not been scammed yet. That said, I consider myself more lucky than smart. However, you are very imperative in your tone, so please do elaborate. I’m doing well…generally speaking…I’m not a thief. Although I’ve been in crypto for over five years, I still know very little and willing to learn.

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OK, pun intended, I just got schulacked by bobcat miners. Ordered the miners paid for the miners, but unbenounced to me there is another tax involved, yup, who new right. If tax goes unpaid the miners go back, and your not refunded! How about that! DUDE!

Or we can start with the basics. Cost me more to send any coin, (any coin) then to use traditional methods of sending money, HELLO. Or the ETH lock up I mean dude come on man.

What you’re telling me about Bobcat is disturbing…I’m waiting on two of those little guys, so I want to hear more details on your experience there.

The rest however, I do take exception. Sending funds on the ETH network, yes, those fees are high. But, that’s why we have the Polygon (MATIC) network, Binance Smart Chain and others. Everything else is cheap or very close to it. And if you truly believe that traditional banks/finance is better…well, I think you need to take a deeper look.

Send some coin bugs. But you took the pun really good, thnx. Well there is an exodus tax, which DHL collects. I try really hard to NOT use my cell phone,(to my way of thinking the cell phone is just a modern day slave shackle) so I guess I missed the message they sent me about collecting the tax, and only hold the product for a week before sending it back, nice. No one ever mention that.

NO our current centralized form of banking is poop. I personally still believe in cash to be honest. I also ordered four dodge miners and one of emm well its like they just stuff crap in one to make the order, quick 699.00 down the tubes, and for me that’s a lot of money, how will I ever make that up.

i believe i just managed to order one box this morning from goldshell… had to use another than coinbase from a friend … fingers crossed it’s delivered with no customs fee!! it’s my first miner :wink:


For me Goldshell has been pretty quick.

But trying to pay for the miners will make you tear your hair out ugh, lol.

My experience: never bought any crypto before but had to to buy on Goldshell. I’ve earned and won all my coin. I bought some BTC and then the miner sold out. 3 weeks later back in stock, the overpriced BTC increased in value, saving me money. I had to copy paste the amount and the address into my wallets send area, click send. Success! Miner has shipped so I know they got the BTC.

Purchasing from Goldshell has been a painless experience. No additional fees to pay in the USA. I don’t understand how someone could say that trying to pay for those miners could make you tear your hair out. You just send crypto to the address they give you, it shows that it’s processing within seconds, and then shows complete once the transaction gets 2 confirmations. If you have ever sent crypto to anywhere- an exchange, another wallet, or whatever- then it’s literally as simple as that.


I paid a tax to DHL, so please put that in your hat. I do however like Goldshell.

Miner is now to arrive in a few days, cleared US customs . No request for duty tax,Total wait time projected to be 10 days to delivery.

I bought the Vosk coin mini doge last time it was on sale and I was never contacted again about customs or anything like that it just showed up like 2weeks later and it been running since. I also just purchased 2 KDbox models but those have had the shipping label generated but not sent yet, I hope they too show up lol. I think hong kong might have differences in customs/ duty than china but I have no idea.