Ordering from Goldshell

For those of you that did not have to paid an import duty tax. How much was the miner? I had read an article that mentioned below a certain $ amount (around 900 or $1000) a duty tax was not required.

My mini doge cost 800.28062 USDC (About US$800.28 Dollars) which I paid with my Coinbase account to Goldshell.

if and how much you have to pay for tax just depends on the tax laws of your country. The same for custom fees.(and probably also on the used HS code)

how long did you have to wait for your goldshell password to come through when registering ?

just received my hs-box, paid 820, no duty fees… 10 days to home, started mining in 25 minutes :wink: trying siacoin right now!
just the coinbase problem that you need the money 2 weeks before being able to buy…

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I live in Puerto Rico and exactly the same💪

Hey my second shipment was duty free, so sorry for being kranky and mine on…

i just ordered a doge on the 16, i will post when i receive!