PoolMars PPS vs PoolFlare PPS KDA Mining Results

Full 1 Month Comparison Test,

PoolMars PPS vs PoolFlare PPS

See pictures for results and more information on the test.


Keep up the good work Sprag

Do you consider this difference signficant. I guess 0.0094 KDA x 365 = 3.431 KDA/yr or 0.85775 KDA/TH, right?

Seems like it could definitely add up over time, especially if HODL’ing KDA to sell later when price is higher. I am new to the world of hardware mining, so curious your take on it all? Thanks!

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Yes, that’s correct and a interesting way to look at it.

The difference is 0.85775 KDA a YEAR per 1 TH/s.

If HODL’ing, it makes a difference longterm if KDA value shoots up 5 years from now.

But if you’re dumping the coin for cash, than it’s a miscellaneous difference.