Profitable, CHEAP, and In-Stock Bitcoin Miner To Buy In 2022!

Profitable, CHEAP, and In-Stock Bitcoin Miner To Buy In 2022! Bolonminer is an unknown ASIC miner manufacturer but these new Bitcoin miners are cheap and profitable. Is the Bolon Miner b11 the best Bitcoin miner to buy in 2022?? Subscribe to VoskCoin -

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Bitcoin mining is super profitable and yes it is worth it to mine Bitcoin and I am mining Bitcoins right out of my own garage at home! The Bitmain Antminer S19 and S19 xp are the best and most popular Bitcoin miners to order right now but Bitmain knows that and really jacks up the BTC miner prices. Bolonminer is a new Bitcoin miner ASIC manufacturer and while Bolon miners are not as efficient as the Bitmain miners and Innosilicon Bitcoin miners and MicroBT whatsminer Bitcoin miners the Bolonminers are still profitable and they are CHEAP compared the other BTC ASIC miners. The biggest news though is the fact that the Bolonminers are in-stock and ready to order, yes we finally have a big, powerful, profitable, and cheap Bitcoin miner that is ready to order RIGHT NOW!

:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 Get new generation cheap Bitcoin miners
01:37 The art of mining in crypto
02:28 How profitable is Bitcoin mining now?
03:48 The Bolonminer B11
05:38 Features of Bolonminer B11 and how to get one?
08:24 Important notes on this miner
10:16 How much does this miner earn?
11:43 Is Bolonminer worth the money?

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Profitable, CHEAP, and In-Stock Bitcoin Miner To Buy In 2022! Bolonminer B11 review


Any idea if overclocking will be possible on liquid cooling?


not with the existing bolonminer firmware

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Im trying to buy it.

It says ERC. What is this coin?

Is there a tutorial on how to buy? Can i use coimbase wallet?

How can they know i paid? Do i add like the order number on the message?

ERC is etherum

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So i just buy ethereum in my coinbase app and that’s it?

That would work

Not sure if they accept any other crypto

For anyone that orders please share order date, order # and pricing here so we can keep a record, I will keep pressure on bolonminer and ydminer to hopefully deliver these as soon as possible – just to be clear VoskCoin does not endorse them but based off our research they seem to be real, and we did get a unit in to review/test along with digging up some verification docs on them and their team.


Can you give a quick tutorial on how to buy bolon miner using coinbase?

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My only problem is making sure the ERC address provided in the order is the right address to send my ethereum from coinbase.

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Wait a minute. Is this in stock or pre order?

They need to ditch that Samsung 8nm chip. Sammy 10nm would’ve been better. That 8nm process is a PIG. They run hot, consume a lot of power, and have had yield fallout problems since the get-go. Or better yet get in bed with TSMC. I mean, heck, they could probably get a good deal at UMC or SMIC, too; anything but that horrid (terribly done) shrink process called 8. ugh.

It looks like these guys also make the Baikal line too? The faq page talks about warranty for Baikal.

So that 70TH rig is at 5514 each; that works out to around 78 bucks per TH, but at 3300W, so 47W/TH.

You can go buy a T3+ from Innosilicon at their official website, 52TH, for ~$2700. That’s $51/TH, 2200W, so 42W/TH… better margin, better energy. Even then, if you go look asicminervalue or whatever other profits site you want, you’d see that those numbers equate to somewhere around 15-16 months ROI. If you’re mining because you enjoy the hobby, great. If you’re trying to make a quick buck mining, good luck. You’re better off learning how to read candlesticks and investing. (start slow, FWIW! Day traders don’t get to where they’re at by dumb luck!)

My point? Do the math yourselves, people. Don’t just blindly believe anything you see or read about crypto. There’s a lot of bad info, even if it is simply just misguided/ given with good intention.

Road to hell, you know. Paved with the stuff.

But enough fallacy for a day.

Keep up what you do, Vosk, if nothing else it’s entertaining (and occasionally contains a valuable nugget of wisdom)! Love your channel.

When is someone gonna come out with a Covid Meme coin… ??? LOL



Has anyone had any luck connecting to bolon’s site?

They do not respond to emails and whatsapp… weird.

Been trying to buy one for almost a week now. The payment page kept saying - Technical Error. When I reach out to customer support, they keep asking the same question - how many do I need. I answered twice & still no luck.

Right at this moment, the payment page says - This store can’t accept payments right now.

Anybody had any luck ?

That’s good thing. You got an answer from them… I ain’t getting a single answer, they are too slow. Probably busy selling offline!

:joy: not sure if I should be happy or sad. Now I got a reply on WhatsApp, telling me that she will be the Point of contact for this sale.

Worth the risk ?
can @VoskCoin please confirm if they did the payment the same way ? I mean, I emailed them at the address on the website & the support sent me a WhatsApp number. When messaged, she replies this.

Do not forget, it’s Chinese New Year time. Do not expect them act for a while.

Really interesting and informative video. There is really something to learn. I think that for the average person, waiting about a year to start turning a profit may be a bit much