PROFITABLE Mini Doge Miner!

A NEW PROFITABLE Mini Doge Miner just launched, called the Mini-Doge by Goldshell and this mini mining rig is small, quiet, easy to use and profitable earning you passive income mining Litecoin and Dogecoin! Buy a Mini-Doge miner before they sell out!

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If you’re looking for the best dogecoin miner or a profitable DOGE mining rig then the Goldshell Mini-doge is the best miner you can buy for mining dogecoin in 2021. If you are new to mining and want to buy your first crypto mining rig to earn passive income mining cryptocurrency then the Goldshell Mini Doge miner a small, quiet and nearly silent, profitable Scrypt ASIC mini miner is the best miner to buy but WHY?! Let’s review the Goldshell Mini-Doge miner and the VoskCoin x Goldshell Mini Doge mining rig TAILS EDITION?!

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:alarm_clock: Timestamps :alarm_clock:
00:00 The BEST Dogecoin DOGE miner
02:13 Earn passive income mining crypto
03:30 Goldshell Mini Doge miner setup tutorial
06:44 The best mining pool for DOGE and Litecoin
08:56 Urgaming $URG
10:50 Is the Goldshell Mini Doge profitable? Real world profitability
14:22 Goldshell Mini-Doge power
15:53 How to buy the Goldshell Mini Doge
17:02 Bitmain vs Goldshell
18:22 VoskCoin Goldshell Mini Doge review

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Goldshell mini-doge review and VoskCoin x Goldshell mini-doge miner tails edition

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Got one today! Thank you for setting this up!!

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You mentioned in the video that you weren’t sure if the 300W power supply that you can buy from Goldshell as a combo is a 120v or 240v. Is there a way to make sure that I get a 120v as I live here in the U.S.?


Thank you for the availability update Vosk!
The only frustrating thing for me is the whole “working with the crypto wallet” thing. There wasn’t enough funds in there, so I went to purchase more coins and it’s showing available balance now, but telling me that I can only use it in 6 days :frowning:
Maybe I’m doing something wrong - I’m using Coinbase (app and wallet).

Coinbase will do that if u pay via bank transfer. Gotta use the debit card for instant transfers but the fees are more. I got 2 vosk editions thanks Vosk!

Thank you Joey - for some reason my debit card limit is showing $300. Oh well - hopefully batch 2 is still available by the time my payment cleared…

Picked up two. Got tired of ordering miners and waiting months so a July delivery looks a little like magic to me.
Ok return and even if the market drops, I won’t need to rob fiat banks to pay the electric bill.
Ever so slowly building a low wattage passive income stream. Gracias Vosk, probably would have skipped the idea if it weren’t for your videos.

Well, out of stuck now… disappointing :frowning:

Asked Goldshell support and they replied that all their PSU’s are 220v

Anyone know the best pools to mine in for DOGE/Litecoin?


I purchased the tails miner from Goldshell. I just checked my order and it is showing canceled. I sent my crypto payment when I submitted the order. I submitted a ticket. Has this happened to anyone else?

Batch 3 is now available on GoldShell’s website. Goldshell X VOSKCOIN Mini-Doge Tails Edition – goldshell miner

Oh the fun when you’ve waited for this. Then you finally attach your checking account to coinbase, and then deposit the $800. Then go to checkout and realize you need more because of fees. Then deposit a few more dollars. Then go back and try to checkout and realize… there’s a waiting period for deposits from checking accounts… :man_facepalming:t2:

I had the same issue when I was buying my batch 2 miner. I got lucky and had available USDC in binance that I was able to transfer to coinbase and transfers are available immediately… Cost me an extra $17 for transfer fees, it’s yet to be seen if it will be worth it.

Got one I hope, used trust wallet and BTC

My Vosk-branded Goldshell mini-miner arrived yesterday and I got it working this morning. It does work on USA 110v. It arrived with some funky 3-prong plug end that I hadn’t seen before but I was able to instead use an old monitor chord I had in storage. Works great. Averaging closer to 190 hash instead of the 185 they mention.

Batch 2?

Aanii Boozhoo Voskcoin community,
Is there a waiting list for the second batch because I want one because I want to support crypto and voskcoin community. Let me know if there is a way to get updates about availability. Or when the sold out signal is gone and we can place an order.the website says that July 14 will be the restock. I dunno what that is because it still says sold out. Thank you.

F1 pool, jimmy promo has a video on it

I bought a cord off of amazon, just liek you said… a monitor cord. My miner is just flashing the red light though, I dont know how to get it working