PSA Alert -- I got ripped off

So I sent some hash boards in for repair, got an email a few weeks later say they were done.
when I went to make the payment, they wanted 3x the shipping cost. Nearly $100 buck to ship 3 circuit boards ? wtf and hell no. I declined and mailed a shipping label to them. $25 my cost. After verifying they got the label, I made payment to the company. And this is where thing go really sour. even though the payment was completed according to coinbase, the company reports no payment was ever received.
so money is lost, so are the hash boards. My advise avoid this company, tell your associates to avoid this company

So I learned my lesson, don’t deal with companies that only accept altcoin and are owned and managed by a foreign power, especially ones we are at war with. For those who have miners or boards in this shop. cut your losses now.

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Would be helpful if you mentioned the companies name…



It’s owned and operated by a Russia based group.
They call themselves MyRig.

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Finally got a com from myrig. Pretty sure the attorney general’s office, better biz bureau, consumer protection agency and chamber of commerce had some impact. In any event I will never do business with this company. Just too much drama. The biggest issue is their poorly implemented billing system.
And don’t forget the company is Russian based and insist on being paid in BTC. My advice is avoid and find a usa based repair service.

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