PSU 4 Gold Shell Mini Doges

What is the best quiet PSU for the Gold Shell mini doge miners?
Please I already have the single PSU’s, looking for something to run multi units with single PSU, after market not the PSU’s offered by Gold Shell. Thank You.

I’m curious myself. Looking to pu 2 mini doge miners in near future and wondering if it’s more cost effective to buy ps separate.

I’m curious about this too. I would like the quietest psu that can run 3 of the mini doge miners - so about 700w. The only ones I know about are using something like an EVGA computer psu, hp server hot swap psu, Goldshell psu, and bitmain’s psu. However I don’t know how loud each one is.

Are you able to use a psu tester to trick the psu to power the mini doge?

Grab a 2000watt evga atx psu

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the single box miner PSU from GS which they are not selling separately at the moment is absolutely qiuet!
It has no fans inside.

Yep, I have one with my 1 doge miner. But I want to add 2 more miners and save the 200 extra they want on their power supply - 699 ea instead of 799… I will say the one it comes with does get quite hot though. I’m looking to run all 3 mini-doge off of one relatively quiet power supply - if possible.

Yes, that works

I have four mini doges with the brick type PSU, and there great. What I need is a PSU to power all my units but to run as quiet as the mini doges run.
Also I own the “bequiet” PSU and would like to use this to power my gold shell boxes, does anyone know how I can do this, thanx in advance.

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You need at least 20 percent overhead.

Thier really needs to be a quiet solution to quiet miners? Right idk.

I don’t understand this 20% There is a twenty percent rule when is comes to PSU’s in that you should be able to run all your equipment on 80% of PSU out put.

Because you don’t want stress your psu. Think about driving your car at top RPMs just before redline 24/7. You can do it, but you shouldn’t. It’ll decrease life expectancy.

No. no I get that but what were talking about here is finding a quiet solutaion to power the quiet miners we are buying from Gold Shell.
On face value seems like it should be easy to fix, but I guess not.

Does anyone know how to get a “bequiet” PSU to work on our Mini Doge Miners?

Hello. Yes what works?

if it is so urgent for you guys to get an alternative more quiet Power supply,
why not take a LED driver like for example this one

and some plugs like these

connect the plugs securely to the 12V side of the driver and a power plug matching to your local socket system to the input.

These LED drivers are cheaper than the GS PSUs, the ones from MeanWell are reliable and noiseless.

I will not do so, but I guess you could.

I check them out on amazon, still trying to figure it out.

Just to update: I bought an MSI 850w ATX power supply, gold rated, from Amazon to run my 3 mini-doge miners. It’s quiet and was cost effective. I followed Goldshell’s instructions on powering up the PS by jumper wire. And it comes with a switch - so that’s a bonus. Three Mini-Doge miners is 699w + 20% = 839w. It’s running 1 miner right now, still waiting on the other 2 from goldshell. It only came with two 8 to 6 pin connectors so I’ll have to get another one.

Can you not just plug a normal bitmain apw3/7 6 pin plug into it? or is it not enough power?