Ran into a problem with CRYPTO.com

Still waiting for their reply??? and also can not find anyone to tell me but WTH? I can not make an account with them – reply I get back! - We regret to inform you, but we are not licensed to offer services to the US residents :frowning: The US regulation is very tough and requires money transmitter license in each state. Sorry for the inconvenience.

But on their own website says USA and lists my state VA. so???
Having to hunt down an join sites just to get other alt coins that are not on say coinbase or bin, gem… or… ect ect…

Thanks for any info on this in advance!!!

I’ve been going in circles with them for well over a month now. First, they said that my SSN failed to verify, so I had to upload documentation to verify that. Then, they said they needed additional documentation to verify my address. So, I sent that. Crickets. Their communication is absolutely horrible. I just sent them my third, and final inquiry as to the status of my application. Should that fail to produce results, I’m going to give up on getting the card, delete the app from my phone, and move on.

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you have to use the mobile app you cannot use the web based version I use an android emulator to access it on my PC, Bluestacks is the emulator I use


Their support is pretty terrible in app. I contacted them through their facebook page and got a really quick response


In my experience their support for the app has been excellent! Prompt responses and for me the app and whole service is working really well. I live in Europe.

US regulations are I guess tricky concerning crypto. Is it possible that there are different policies for crypto depending the State you’re living?


from what i’ve seen lately is they’re overloaded with new users and are just swamped :man_shrugging:

My experience with them was smooth, but I know a couple people who have run into issues w/ the KYC portion


GOT A REPLY?? — Alex (Cryptopay Ltd)

Jun 22, 2020, 11:17 AM UTC

Hello, Thomas!

Unfortunately, we can’t provide our services to residents of the US, but we provide services to residents of the British Virgin Islands.

Please let me know if further questions arise, I’d be glad to help!

Best regards,

Not to be the Kill Joy of the discussion, but aren’t we all a bit loose on our personal security standards? Why are we so quick to give up our SSN# and other info that can be used to screw us over later?

I’ve already ran into some sites that are “legit” crypto sites saying I need to give my SSN#, direct deposit banking information, and a copy of my drivers license. Imagine the damage that could be done with all that.


Ya and after The latest news they were tied to… I still do not get it… if they do not do business with the USA why do they list states on their website?? They just reply back with generic message that they do not???

I was able to sign up, stake the 50 coins, move over my btc and eth and stake those. I got my $50 signup unfrozen and then traded it for eth. I just am not sure I will actually be getting my debit card that I had to give most of my personal info to get. For me the issue with crypto.com right now is they knew about this issue before they allowed me to join and give such information without even a teeny tiny disclaimer. That is the part that really ticks me off.

Don’t worry Vosk, I used your referral link… you are welcome! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, and I’m in Seattle, Washington

How did you get your sign up unfrozen? I have done everything they asked but mine is still locked
In the UK so that might be the problem

did you just buy 50 coins and then stake them? you have to do that inside the application. Also, the only way to get it is if you for the 2nd tier card and up. the basic one doesn’t give you the free $50.

When you look at the ruby card application it takes you through the steps and buying the 50 coins is during that step. its a bit confusing I’ll admit.

I am sure that he means sign up BONUS $50, I did the same, although I think that was unnecessary. Crypto.com is not accountable or has not caused this mess. We just need another card issuer that’s all right now

yeah that is even more confusing. you have to stake 50 coins(about $200) for 6 months to get $50. but you do get the $50 right away. My card application still says pending but I already spent the “free” money. I immediately used it to buy Eth lol.

Yes it’s the $50 bonus that I am on about , could be that they are waiting for another card issuer to offer us in Europe a card

Staked the 50 coins and are earning but the bonus is still locked and card pending

My card is still saying pending but the moment I staked the 50 coins my bonus was unlocked. If the card says pending it means you completed everything so it should be freed up.

This was under my Crypto Wallet / MCO at the bottom.

That screen come up for me, for about a second before changing to a screen saying it locked

Bitcoin debit card Crypto.com unusable due to Wirecard fraud