Researching Utopia's Crypton CRP, a privacy coin from Utopia that's MINEABLE!

I was contacted by the Cryptohill agency, they market cryptocurrencies in regards to creating a sponsored video about Crypton CRP, a mineable privacy coin created by the Utopia team.

UPDATE - Video Review of Crypton CRP

Here’s the initial information that we received

Found this Bitcointalk ANN thread, not exactly official but has a bit of compiled information. The thread has this Russian mining video attached

Here’s the mining information pulled from their official FAQ section…

Downloading their .exe, it checks out with no viruses according to virustotal – even though it includes some sort of mining program.

Here’s the exact file we downloaded, if you want to use the same version and ensure its the one we checked. Once you run it you’ll go through a setup wizard, pick an account name and password, then it will generate a private key for you.

Once the Utopia Crypton CRP client starts you’ll be met with their welcome screen reviewing the general features of their platform and cryptocurrency.

I navigated to the mining section of their app, which I am assuming is some CPU based algorithm based of the FAQ description and the way this program is designed – with its general and vague usage/setup – how could it be anything other than CPU mining?

For anyone looking for further support regarding their project or have direct questions, they have an interesting support system here that even includes a high score section lol.

Interesting… I might hold off in the wake of the current hit and dip era we have with defi going nuts but this is definitely interesting. Keep us updated @vosk

My main concern is requiring a public IP for “mining” this is really just like running a node, this isn’t suitable for running off your personal computers — a VPS, sure, but not your personal windows gaming rig for example…

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Hi, how can I fix the NAT issue in my computer. Can you please help me to start mining. Thank you

You just need to enable UPnP on your router so that it can open whichever ports it wants. My router uses NAT-PMP and this app doesn’t seem to want you to manually open ports so I couldn’t get it working properly.

I got a miner bot running on a linux box, looks pretty cool, just cant use because of the port forwarding issue.

I followed a link a couple days ago to the article describing Crypton. It linked me to the Github page where I was looking for a miner and wallet. No such luck and I was discouraged from following Crypton any further until you posted this article. I 'm glad you found a miner and as far a wallet, well if CPU mining or renting time on a mining farm, or using nicehash to mine… It’s just not the same as good ol mining with software miner and many wallets and exchanges supporting the coin.

Thanks anyway and I’ll keep my eyes open in the future but for now … getting the hashrate and power off the new nVidia GPU’s is more interesting.

What crap is that???
I guess they truly do want you to install this on your laptop and just fully expose your home network.
For those who implement any amount of security get stuck paying VPS fees?

How much did you play with port forwarding and segmenting?

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I felt the same with another pool that made me enter my ip address to view stats.

Hello, for questions related to mining within the ecosystem, I recommend that you contact the utopia mining support channel 5FE95B2DFA426DDE652A00CA7512C0DF . There you will receive answers to all questions.

Added our video review of Crypton CRP to the OP here :smiley: