Reviewing the A.I. Powered CRYPTO Trading Bot by Zort 🤖

Today we explore a different way to earn passive income with cryptocurrency, and that is by using a crypto trading bot! Let’s review the Zort automated trading bot that trades BTC ETH BCH and LTC! Sub to VoskCoin -

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We have been looking for the best trading bots for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for years, and finally, we have found a couple good trading bots this year! We are excited to be reviewing the A.I. powered crypto trading bot by Zort as this allows us another way to earn passive income in cryptocurrency. Our goal is to earn money while we sleep, while we eat, and while we basically do anything! The path to financial freedom is certainly a long journey, and finding unique ways to make money online, especially if we can increase our crypto and USD holdings, is super interesting to us. So let’s review the Zort trading bot that can automate trades for you on Coinbase Pro and Binance!

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Well you can’t argue with that! The Zort trading bot just made me $300!

Do you pay 250 + fees or is the 250 for the fees?

Isn’t that demo account? if not, giving a company access to $10,000.00 to auto trade is a BOLD move sir! you have my respect. I’ve tried Auto Trader bots for FOREX and woke up to being cleaned out. If it is a demo account, please keep in mind that those same AutoBots i lost all my real money on worked perfect on demo. They also had sweet back tested results. Looking forward to updates


I deal with a lot of trading bots in the past. When the market goes up well then everybody makes money :slight_smile: But when the market goes down then you will see not every trading bot can make money.
My conclusion : you alwasy loose money with trading bots.


In full transparency, I am now down over $500 w/ the most recent trading bot testing with the Zort A.I. trading platform trading bot.

Not trying to spread FUD

& sure you can laugh at us if you want to but this is what transparent testing looks like.

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More updates to come!

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I never expect anything less from you Vosk. But is this live trading or a demo account?

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I have been given free access … but that is my money in my coinbase pro and to be clear it is less money than they paid me for the review series lol T_T


Appreciate the continued transparency on this! keep it coming!

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Could you try all three bots and then post a review of each.

Please and thank you.

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Im having an issue, I bought the service, but updated all the address, got connected, then no trades occurred, and I tried to email the company that came back as undelivered, and now I’m getting an error page that seems a little fishy, it look like this

Ive tried safari, and chrome

Any updates on this? I’d love to know what happened in the end?