Scam site or real? Https://

is this real or scammydavisjr?


Has anyone purchased from them yet? Can’t find any reviews which makes me very nervous.


Fuking skam. I lost 12000$. I needed to read the reviews on other sites. Their YouTube channel is also fake. Be careful

After payment, they will play for time, with different promises. Then your order will be deleted.

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Apexto is legit, no worries. some customers in this community bought asics from our company. you can see the posted. *UPDATED* on 2 new orders from 2 suppliers

Please don’t do such rude things, could you tell me which salesman do you order asics from? Do you have a pro forma invoice and proof of payment?

I personally have ordered from @Ann with Apexto “leaders power”. I order on a Thursday with a wire transfer from my bank and Wednesday of the following week I had my K1+ at my door step brand new in factory box and wrapping. It’s currently hashing and running excellent!

I can vouch for Ann and Apexto. Do some serious research on them, look at their company and how they are very transparent on their YouTube channels and social media platform. I will continue to order from Ann for future orders without hesitation.

BTW I must say Ann is one of the nicest lady’s you’ll meet in the ASIC suppliers from China! She really does go above and beyond to help you, she is not pushy and is very honest.


Yeah right not pushy, she has been sending text to several numbers without permission and after not replying she still sent repeated messages, I would call it very pushy. And I’m talking about phone numbers as well via WhatsApp etc…

I would stay away from this. But its just my opinion.

Ann with Apexto delivered 2 KD Max, and 1 IBelink K1 Max miners to me. She communicated with me through Telegram every step of the way. I am ordering 2 more IBelink K1Max miners from her next. For the noobs… remember she is about 24 hours away so plan your communication accordingly. Telegram worked well for me as well.

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Just ordered another K1 Max from Ann. Like the 3 others she sent the test vids on Telegram of it running, showing the serial #. It’s in HK at the moment, she sent me the DHL tracking number.

Choke it down little further scamming partners no wonder so much hate toward me you think a legit threat and salesman is impeding on ur scam targets, it makes so much more sense now

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Careful Swappy… Stick to the prescription the doc gave you for those pills… These orders are legit. Just living one day in your mind would be a struggle. Drinking too much Haterade…

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Nothing fake with Apexto. I’ve spoken to Ann countless times and another of her colleagues Bella who have been very pleasant to deal with and efficient.

Yes mental health is a joke I got it sport

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Just received my 3rd KDA Miner from Ann at Apexto, on time and it is hashing. It’s my second IBeLink from her. This gets my total KDA hash rate to about 140 TH. She is shipping an L7 Monday. Thank you Ann for your professional service.


Thanks for your kindness Mike. Hope we will do better :smiley_cat:

Just received my next L7 from Ann at Apexto. Thank you Ann for your professionalism.

Planning to order from apexto any feedback from you guys? Ann kindly message me if you can please.

Legit … Everything went fine …

Apexto is Legit, Safe Shopping, just make sure ordering from their real website!