Scrypt mining best pool updates

Where you all mining scrypt?
I swapped from litecoinpool to NiceHash today.

Dont know the answer to your question, but wanted to follow along as I just ordered a mini DOGE miner and am looking into this myself.

I’m using DXPool. I started a CK5 2 evenings ago. It is producing very well so far. I have some LB-BOXES & L3s to connect soon and DXPool can handle those tokens, as well.
UPDATE: The CK5 & LB-Boxes are all on DxPool. I’m getting 1400-1500 CKB & 128-150 LBC daily.

Interested in how that works out. Could you update after you see some numbers? I have 3 l3 running on litecoin.

Can you determine what the payment is on a single L3 there? (Dxpool) I’m getting 0.00002BTC every 4 hours on NiceHash for a single L3

My average share ration drops from 98% on litecoinpool to 82% on NiceHash!

I recently switched my Mini-DOGE from F2Pool to litecoinpool. So far loving the idea of getting a daily payout on litecoinpool vs waiting 6 days on F2Pool!
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Switched back as well. Difficulty dropped a ton with the price drop.

I have moved my MiniDoge to Binance pool. So far so good.
LTC plus doge payout

Once I get the L3s in, I’m going to connect to 3 different pools to see which is best.

You should all check out, I’ve been mining there for 4+ years and wouldn’t even consider switching to another pool. They have features that I’ve not seen in any other pool, things like auto-switching to the most profitable coin on what algo you are mining, plus payouts in whatever coin you want. So you can mine Scrypt and get paid in BTC or ETH or DOGE, etc… or any combination of coins you want at whatever percentage you want…so 50% BTC, 25%DOGE, 10% LTC, etc… My old LTC+ machines are making about $7.00 per day per machine over there.
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I ran my CKs on dxpool until the outage. I moved to 2miners and have been getting higher rewards. but I dont have as much hashpower as you so that could be why.

I have been doing litecoin pool since dropping off DX. I get .01 about every 20 hours using a single doge mini

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