Sheepishly following orders from the voskinator

doge address (i actually dont have a wallet specifically for doge so its straight to coinbase :stuck_out_tongue: ) DLch7uhgW2pc475HsCbS7RGvnMmNpbV9HA

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TW supports it ya degen, keep your stuff safe gl with winning these coins will have extra value since senpai is giving them away

Goldshell will warranty that miner for you, and if they won’t… I will help you until they do y2k


also sorry I did not post the thread w/ the video… here it is


really, ive heard super mixed reviews on their “warranty” i felt like it wasnt even worth it with a miner that was barely even making anything. but i guess ill try!

they said its out of warranty (which it is) so they wont. if you wanna see the email DM me so im not posting emails with my info.