Shoutout to a Top Tier Mining Supplier

I’ve been mining since May 2021 and was in search of a more reasonably priced seller since September. I finally stumbled across @Master3004 's posts on this forum and decided to give his services a try. Not only did he have the best legitimate prices, he knew what he was talking about when it came to the products he lists. I decided to contact him through his listed phone number and he helped me decide on a Canaan Avalon 1246, which is a brand I’m not used to as I’ve only used Bitmain asics. However, the 1246 has been going for 3 days straight with no problems running at high performance. Prior to receiving the asic, I was also sent invoices and videos of the unit mining at its listed hash rate to confirm everything was good. I would highly recommend the services of @Master3004