Solar Mining Is It Possible?

Anyone here try mining off solar power yet?

I haven’t solar mined but I looked into it when you need 1500-2000w just to run one miner that is at least four large panels. That is probably why no one uses it large scale. But if you are just running one s17 lets say It might make sense.

Hi, I am new in mining. Just tried a little GPU mining and now ordered new K5 :grin:

But I have few years experience on solar panels. First of, you need more equipment than just panels and cables. You need an inverter, mounting brackets etc.

The second thing is that sun doesn’t shine always at least where I live (Finland). I have 3600Wh solar system and right now it starts to produce power about 8.00AM but just a little, after about 11.00AM it’s producing enough to pay my K5 :ant: about 1600wh and about 01.00PM it’s producing somewhere between 2000-3000wh till 5.00PM and if it’s cloudy or rainy much less obviously. Solar production will vary very much monthly. During winter time you are not getting that much, obviously depends so much on where you live.

Thirdly, costs. I have paid my system about $6000. But I assume this varies based on where you live etc. However my recommendation is get the knowledge your self, it’s quite simple thing really! Buy your panels, cables, mounting brackets, inverter yourself. Hire yourself electric guy and help him to install them. You can save 50% this is at least in my country.

But my advice is that do not just look at the theoretical watts on panels and calculate the savings. If you are planning to get enough power for like for example, Antminer K5, you’re solar system needs to be much more than 1600Wh. Perhaps 2000-3000wh. And still you can effectively power your mining only for about 6 hours per day from April to September. Outside of those months it drops significantly. And during November to February the solar production is nearly zero (this is where I live)

To save money in mining with solar power might not be as simple as many think. But if you are planning to get solar anyway, prepared to wait 5-10 years before they are really paid, invest your time also on it a lot (significant savings probably), then yes solar makes sense!

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Why you don’t try run pmg hydro generator? It will produce 24h power non stop

Good point! I probably would if I’d be living near river etc.

Wind energy is one option also. Not with the traditional ones but types like this one:

You don’t need living close to river :wink: have lots video how to make hydro pmg generator in your basement :wink: i will build one in 1-2 month as required 220v pmg 4000watt, high pressure water pump, water storage for 1000litre and water pump for return water in to tank it will be same principle as you install pmg close to river :wink: also im don couple month ago pump for underground water so in experiments i have free water. My plan is use one or two pmg generators power high pressure water pumps to spin other pmg for power up mining rig. Fallow calculations 1 pmg shut enough run 12x rx580 on 60-70% of power from pmg. In my country i can buy like 10kwh pmg for like 1200usd

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:thinking: cool! Can you link the videos? Sounds interesting

i cant found any more his video as is deleted from youtube. in video it was explain how to make set up in home. it was like his: pmg 220v 4000watt at 4000rpm. him use 1000litre water tank, high pressure water pump set up 2 nozzle at 6bar water pressure and and water pump to return all water bank to tank. 1000litre tank im use for 2x pmg one is power all pumps second pmg send power in to house for lights. any way his setup i can use power up mining rig. i will share experiment setup after i done and power up ring. dont know how long take it as of pandemic everything coming very slow limitation of delivery

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you can see lot video in youtube how is work pmg hydro generators

his one cost 150usd plus shipping price fallow voltage and wattage can be order from 150usd 2000-4000watt till 45kwh with one cost around 6000usd, can select on order 12v,24,48v,110v,220v,230v,240v,380v. if you have solar panels so can use fallow your grid voltage to produce power on night, i see couple month ago in one forum dont remember with one some person use 4 his pmg produce power on night and non sun days, him use arduino smart controler to switch power in to grid fallow low voltage it was set up on 48v solar when voltage drop to 24v automatically switch power from solar to pmg to run again 48v

Okay :blush: do you know how much water are these consuming per produced kilowatt?

in video pump was set up 6bar 6.60 m³/h to run 4000rpm to get 220v 4000watt 15A

same pump can be use for other voltage pmg no idea how much need power to run like 15kw or 45kw pmg i see 45kw pmg rpm is 250.

any way need to wait till im get all parts and start build, after i can tell more how is work and how much cost and other stuff but in video was good idea how to run pmg in home something similar in other video use pelton rotor it was match smaller construction