Staking Energi NRG 3.0 - Earning $60 a day, $1,800 a month in Cryptocurrency

Anybidea how to set this up properly? Do you need a big investment to get it going?

I have restarted three times and it never stayed synced. I email them and all they say is remove and install again. I’m gonna try one more time before I give up. Anyone else have issues like this?

Watch our full in-depth video guide on how to stake NRG coins on the Energi 3.0 blockchain!

If video tutorials are not your thing we have a complete write-up on the VoskCoin Medium blog guiding you through setting up a VPS to stake NRG coins on the Energi 3.0 blockchain!


I don’t know how you get this thing working in windows.

Three times I have set this up from the start. I even formatted my laptop and have nothing else running on it. They do answer any email you send them, which is good. But all they do is tell you to do is go the same help page everytime, and it never works. If this coin didn’t drop in value I would sell it immediately.

Vosk got it to work so good for him.

According to to other people on this thread they are having the same issues I am. I am starting to believe that this a shit coin. Hope I’m wrong.

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In his tutorials vosk is using a VM hosted by a cloud service, he mentioned that being ideal because of the consistency with the hardware and internet connection. Home laptops might throttle, have spotty connections, etc. so I wonder if that might be an issue.

I haven’t seen in this thread if anybody is having success or failure, based on their platform so that’s just a guess. I’m interested in setting up the VM as in the video, if I ever get around to it I’ll post how it goes

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Hi Vosk, I am trying to set u core node these days and got inspired by your latest video’s. I am a mac user and noticed that running my mac book 24 hr is not really convenient.

I copied your advies below a youtube video which computers are used best for nodes. I came on a amazon page. Best computer for a home server and node -

Which computer is the good one? This one?

Do you also have guide how to set this up… I never used to let my computer run 24 hrs. This new to me. Looking for the right info.

Hope you can help.

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@greer is our resident node and hardware expert IMO :smiley:

Basically anything that has 2 gigs of ram and 50gb+ hard drive and even that is overkill for this.

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Thanks! Hi @greer. Great to hear you are the node expert. Could you please share your thoughts? I hope it will be quit simple to setup then. But maybe I am overlooking some important things. I will use this computer only for stacking and

Since it is running 24 hours a day do you need to cool it?
And maybe this sounds stupid but do I need a display/screen? Is it also possible to set it up with display and then detach it so I have a less space used as possible. What does a node pc need concerning space and cooling?

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NUC’s and Mac Mini’s are great for running blockchains. The problems with running a node at home are with residential internet and security. You need to open ports to allow inbound traffic and you expose your ip address to the network. I’d advise against running nodes at home for the most part.

A VPS on Digital Ocean is very cheap, use Vosk’s referral link for $100 free credits This way you can play, mess it up then start over. Be sure to not use the root account other than to create your user account and use ssh keys, DO helps with that. Then secure your node with the DO firewall.

Hi @greer, Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I did see the tutorial of Vosk’s way he makes a core node on Energi using Digital Ocean. But I slo thought I still need to run something all day and night on my laptop. That is way I asked which mac or pc I can buy the best to run that at home. Thats not the case? That would be the best!

So If i understand it correctly I can use Digital Ocean to run my node 24 hours on their server?
And I only need the Wallet on my own Mac?

Is Allnodes the same as Digital Ocean?

Hope you can answer my question. Really appreciate it.

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Correct, just DigitalOcean runs 24/7, on your mac wallet you just open when you want.

DigitalOcean is a VPS service, you run whatever software you want on it. There are many VPS services. Allnodes is different, they run the node for you.

Well, one note on that probably should be - you can run whatever software you want, that is within their terms of service. Some VPS services (not necessarily DigitalOcean) have been known to put provisions in their contracts saying servers can’t be used for cryptocurrency. It’s more likely that they don’t want people trying to mine on their hardware, but it can encompass running a MasterNode.

I have a question: In my case, I have 31 nrg, but today in stake status at attach console, early today, it displays totalWeight at 33, instead 31, and now it shows 35. My weight in the network is going up or it is a bug?

check on the block explorer, you either have more NRG or got stuck on a side/bad chain.

Get used to that